Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review: Easily One of the Best Games of This Generation - GameJagat

Announced back in 2015 after humongous demand, fans were thrilled that their favorite childhood game is finally in development after years of pleading. Little did they knew it would take five more years, but at last, part one of this huge adventure is here, and we at GameJagat are ready to tell our verdict. Let’s look at different aspects of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and what makes it wonderful.

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waverider638d ago

i hope they make a PS5 special edition for the launch of the console. The japonese gamer got a special PS4 edition of the FFVII

NukeDaHippies638d ago

One of the best? it's ok, but has a lot issues that hold it back

SyntheticForm638d ago

So far I'm enjoying it, though I'll never feel like I felt back in the 90's as a 16 year old playing the original. Plenty of reasons for that.

The only issues are poor and slow loading textures. Some areas are simply textured poorly, while others take awhile to load in. Character models look great though.

TFJWM638d ago

Guess your playing on base PS4 and not a Pro I have seen zero loading besides saving. Some background textures are jarringly bad thou.

meka2611637d ago

Yea I guess these reviewers haven't played many JRPG's as this is a so-so JRPG. I think the nostalgia is messing with people to look at it objectively.

jambola637d ago

what a stupid thing to say
too bad people can't see that your opinion is objective truth

ninsigma638d ago

Totally agree apart from that ending that just comes out of left field! Completely disconnected me.