6 Game Sequels That Don't Suck

Green Pixels' Christina Troup writes:

"It's unfortunate, but more times than not, the most marginal success – we're talking the cha-ching of sales, folks -- leads to a sequel. And, as we all well know, not all games are deserving of a follow-up. But, for every game that totally blows the second, third and sometimes even fourth time around, there are those gems that stand out and go above and beyond their predecessor. Here are six of those games."

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Silogon3835d ago

I don't agree with but 1 on that list... GOW2 - Everything else was junk bunk. RE4 was garbage. Why do people try to convince themselves it wasn't? Giant fish, Lord of the rings Troll-like creatures... please. Leave that $#*T at the door and your lame story while you're at it.

Halo 3 was about the biggest pile of junk bunk I've played on a next gen console. 5 hours long... shoddy, hit and miss, graphics. Lame characters. No thanks.

COD4 was too on the nose. the online is too unforgiving and the levels were very drab and boring.

Mario Galaxy... played this in 2003 but it was called Ratchet & Clank going commando. It was better then too.

GTA4 was utter cat pants piss... I don't care what anyone says. It sucks. The story, the characters, the lack of anything to do in that giant "detaileD" city... The game was 3 steps back from GTASA and 4 steps back from Saints row 2.

ape0073835d ago

neglect gta 4 and halo 3,the list would be perfect

Counter_ACT3835d ago

Definitely. Both were pretty poor.

InMyOpinion3835d ago

That explains why Halo 3 is still hugely popular on Live. Because it's so poor...

TheColbertinator3835d ago

I prefer Halo 1.That game killed my social life for years.Same with Halo 2.

ChampIDC3835d ago

I wouldn't say GTA 4 sucked myself, but I'd definitley replace Halo 3 with Half-Life 2.

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drdistracto7073835d ago

can someone tell me why mgs4 was not up there and yet gta IV was?

im really at a loss here

BlackCountryBob3835d ago

Wow that's quite a list, I am sure it took all of 5 mins to assemble this piece of 'news'. Games that don't suck gives you a list of practically every game ever made to choose from so well done on narrowing down the aim of your piece; how about 6 game sequels that better the original etc.

And TBH, Vice City or San Andres should have been on the list instead of GTA4 as they were considerably better additions to the series.

SL1M DADDY3835d ago

Sorry, but that list seems a bit weak.

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