Book of Demons is a Papercraft Dungeon Crawler with a Deck-Building Twist

Forget swords, spells and arrows: a modern-day adventurer doesn't need 'em. All a discerning dungeon crawler could hope for these days is a deck of cards to face the world's baddies and fiends. Book of Demons knows this. The upcoming dungeon crawling, deck-building hack and slash title from SONKA and 505 Games asks players to arm themselves with magic cards instead of traditional weaponry on a quest to slay the "armies of darkness" residing in procedurally generated, underground dungeons.

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instantstupor144d ago

I've played it on PC, and I find it pretty dull. I'm surprised they likened it to a distilled Diablo-like experience, as I found nothing Diablo-like about it. There's also a ton of mouse-tracking and clicking that happens on PC, and I didn't see how they handled the conversion to a controller in that trailer.