XCOM 2 is free-to-play on PC & Xbox One until April 30th

2K Games has announced XCOM 2  is playable for free until April 30th. This means that you can download it and play it as much as you want until the 30th.

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shabz666109d ago

It’s weird that xcom 2 never came to gwg or game pass. I wonder what business dealing happened there as this only came as instant game collection on ps4. I eventually played it on ps4 and it runs like poop on in. But it’s very good game. Better than the first. And the first is on gamepass and was on gwg.

ilikestuff109d ago

Sometimes that’s the way she goes bud. I’ve been meaning to play that game, it’s on Psnow, I liked the first one but when I’d be real close to someone and miss a shot I’d be so friggen frustrated

shabz666109d ago

Lol yes those moments are still there in this one. Especially with the ambush tactic that’s made available in xcom 2 compared to the first one. Also try mutant year zero. Very good xcom like.

--bienio--109d ago

Well I’m waiting for Gears Tactics.

rakentaja109d ago

The only strategy game I play. Technical side is always a downside. These games never look good and play smoothly on consoles, but "oh boy", the game is rewarding overall.