Sony confirms 33 additional titles for Ad-Hoc Party support

Sony announced today that it has verified a number of additional PSP titles as being compliant with Ad-Hoc Party for PlayStation Portable. Included in the bunch are Tekken Dark Resurrection and a variety of Gundam games. The company also announced that 90,000 PS3 owners have downloaded the beta application since its release two weeks ago.

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ShinFuYux3838d ago

Now Tekken DR is online for psp.

sinncross3838d ago

Bleach HTS 1 and 4 but no 2 and 3?
And loco roco? strange.

I hope they release the Metal Gear titles on this in time for the proper release!

But wow, 33 additional titles is good and so is 90,000 title. They just need to fix up MH2:G quick.

pwnsause3838d ago

Portable ops doesnt need it, but i guess Acid needs it.

SullyDrake3838d ago

I hope it wasn't a typo! :D

Skerj3838d ago

Wow, I'm glad this seems to be getting GOOD support now, which is even more surprising considering Sony sucks at that usually when it comes to features not otherwise standard with the system. Here's hoping that every game supports it.

maruchan27six3838d ago

I cant stop playing Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G with it.Made a few new friends too.Now I need to buy a bluetooth headset so I can communicate better.Maybe the Official PS headset will do.