GameSpot: Lips Review

If you're having a party with karaoke-loving friends, then Lips will offer an evening's worth of solid entertainment. The wireless microphones are convenient and innovative, and they make it difficult to go back to corded models afterwards. The song selection is also excellent, with 40 songs that are varied in style but united in anthemic quality. That said, the game's lack of camera support, vocal playback, and simple online functionality disappoint, especially given their proven success in Sony's SingStar series.

Even worse, the nonexistent difficulty level means this is a game with practically no appeal for single players, aside from those who want to collect the easy achievement points. If you're looking for a game to entertain at social gatherings then it's worth checking out, but there is plenty more for Microsoft's series to do before it enters the hall of fame.

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sushipoop3836d ago

Ouch! Looks like the SingStar ripoff failed.