How Final Fantasy VI Influenced Final Fantasy VII In A Huge Way

Being the seventh game in the series, it’s a no-brainer that Final Fantasy VII has many allusions and references to the games that precede it. But out of all the previous titles, Cloud’s adventures owe a lot to Final Fantasy VI in more ways than one.

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manaxknight11012d ago

Nice and very true article. I wonder what ffvi would look like running on ffvii remake engine.

Dabigsiebowski1012d ago

Its unreal engine 4.

It's a great game. Just way to linear and not as broad as I was hoping. I was hoping the game would be a bit more open on the upper plate but it never really is.

They get a free pass from me this time but the next games need to have some of the biggest landscapes in gaming with plenty of added in smaller filler towns till you hit the bigger ones that were in the original. Also the SSD should actually be really helpful in the PS5 when it comes to rendering an actual massive underworld when it comes to the high wind. Air travel would be huge if they can pull it off. However they need a world in the end that is roughly 250GB plus easily for that amount of content. Make it happen and finish strong and keep hiring.

Segata1012d ago

Aside from FFXV,Square games just use Unreal 4. Same engine as Octopath Traveler,Trials of Mana,KIngdom Hearts III and so on.

manaxknight11011d ago

Yeah ff6 on unreal 4 engine!