Changes We'd Like in the PlayStation 5: Fixing Online Only Trophies

From Cinelinx:

While the impending release of the next-generation is always exciting, there are some improvements we'd love to see. Today, we're talking about trophies.

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AnubisG155d ago

Online trophies and other trophies where it depends on others if you get it or not should go away.

meganick155d ago

Agreed. Though I’m okay with online trophies if you don’t need them to get the platinum trophy. Also, if the game is online multiplayer only, then obviously online trophies are okay.

ocelot07155d ago

I agree like the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare did it well. All single player trophies with 1 online co op trophy. But the co op trophy is classed as a DLC add on trophy so you don't have to worry about it when going for the platinum.

AnubisG155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

In that case if it doesn't count for the platinum and not counted for 100% than ok I guess but I could not get at least 5 platinum trophies because of online/co-op trophies. I know many people don't care about platinums and I'm not a crazy trophy hunter but I like to get them and get 100% on a game and doing everything you can just to fail the platinum because of others is so annoying.

Iamnothuman12155d ago

Get rid of online trophies period.

LoveSpuds154d ago

Agreed, there are several games that I adore and unlocked all single player trophies for, but couldn't platinum due to online trophies. The one that niggles at me most is The Last of Us, I know the MP is fantastic, but I just dont play MP and so this remains the only Naughty Dog game on PS4 that I haven't platinumned.

jerethdagryphon155d ago

Online trophy must die in a fire don't even have to get rid of em just put them as a dlc that included if you know what I mean

Puty155d ago

I would also like to rate the game somehow, so the score would be displayed on my trophy list.

Zjet155d ago

I'd say this is a significantly smaller issue than games being online only in general.

online only DRM in games and forced 'live service' models, games like The Division, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Anthem etc need to go. You should never put an expiry date on a game like that. Free to play is understandable. PAID Games you should OWN and should always support single player offline if possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.