Last Chance to Play | Killzone Shadow Fall

Revisiting the PlayStation 4 launch title and possible final entry in the Killzone series.

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NecrumOddBoy415d ago

Guerilla Games established two main teams a few years back and hired specialized FPS devs so hopefully, KZ isn't dead. It's a really great series that could use a reimagining. In pursuit of being "bigger and more open," I would love to see a KZ set up as a MetroidPrimeVania. The world has so much lore and unique locations. If they cut back on being "overly bro-military" and focus on a single story set on a massive planet (or planets) then I could see something special. Also, Mercenaries so us that skill trees and XP can be woven throughout both SP/MP very well so the next game could excel with some more RPG and exploration elements. Just some hope; Shadowfall was pretty but weak. KZ2/3 really were special and I'd like to see the series live on.

NewMonday415d ago

"great series that could use a reimagining"

KZ 2 & 3 were great games undermined by mediocre story and characters. Since then GG have recognized their weakness and turned it into a strength with amazing Horizon ZD. They should take what they have learned and apply it to a Killzone remake.

LoveSpuds414d ago

A character I'll never forget from the Killzone franchise is Radec, God all mighty was that boss fight frustrating, to this day, one of the cheapest bosees I ever had to beat..... Ggggrrrrr! 😂

Knushwood Butt414d ago

Always wanted the trophy for beating him on hard (was it?) but never got it. Tried many times...

porkChop414d ago

The one character they really nailed in my opinion was Visari. He was great. Brian Cox was the perfect choice for Visari's voice.

chicken_in_the_corn413d ago (Edited 413d ago )


Why does everything need a remake these days?

They should move forward with a sequel, maybe a reboot

ABizzel1413d ago

I will forever standby my idea of Killzone:Resistance. Give these two franchises the full AAA treatment.

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Asuka415d ago

What I would give for a new KZ game along the lines you described...

DeadManMMX414d ago

The ending set it up pretty good for a sequel. I guess we will see.

BQ32414d ago

classic comment N4G boards. Why does this site have so many single player gamers on it? Killzone was Playstation's answer to HALO which at the time was the definitive console mp experience. Killzone had some great mp as well and yet you are on here saying it needs to be another open world exploration game. Give me a break. Every other Sony exclusive is already this, some diversity would be nice.

NecrumOddBoy414d ago

KZ just would fit the lore. I think Resistance should return to scratch that MP itch.

KZ can still have an amazing multiplayer mode. KZ2 and Mercenaries are genre defining quality.

414d ago
MinnesotaFatts413d ago

A reimagining where we can play as the Helghast? Hell to the yes.

princejb134413d ago

As much as I hate battle royal games. Maybe a battle royal killzone game with cool Spaceships air strikes will catch people’s attention

Darkborn413d ago

I believe Shawn layden a while back said he has interest in making a game similar to destiny to make an online shooter type of game to fill a void Playstation studios have right now. I always figured it was GG's second team with a killzone reboot or a new IP.

neutralgamer1992413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

KZ2 and resistance 2 are the games I spent most of my time playing. I want Sony to focus once again on FPS exclusives

And I want a new open world getaway with everything Sony studios have learned about open world games now is the time to bring back the IP via a complete reboot

It wouldn't shock me if we see a new KZ at launch with ps5

DerfDerf413d ago

I wasn't a big fan of killzone 1 but I've enjoyed all 3 console other console entries as well as the vita game. Shadowfall was criticized by a lot of people but I thoroughly enjoyed it. One my favorite part of the series is it's multiplayer. The characters felt like they had real weight to them and you could feel the impact of bullets when you shot others or when you were hit. No other FPS has done a good job simulating that in my opinion. I hope the series makes a return.

Dead_Candidate413d ago

i would love for it to blow back open up to another war after the betrayal of keller from tbe last one. It needed the war, set up to end the cold war.

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Majin-vegeta415d ago

God damn titile nearly gave me a heart attack.Though they were gonna shut servers down.Hopefully Sony gives it as a PS+ title to repopulate the online

DARK_WOLF414d ago

Are you from Japan? Wasnt aware it had been free in other regions

414d ago
InUrFoxHole414d ago

Its a crap mp game. Hope they do shut down the servers.

crazyCoconuts414d ago

I played it at one point. Really liked the MP. Movement was meatier than COD and I liked that

NarooN413d ago

I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but SF's multi-player was easily the best part of the game. It was fun and well made, a shame it didn't have a lot of players due to being marketed badly.

InUrFoxHole413d ago

Thought 3 was better. Idk found SF to have a lot of spawn camping 🏕

Rimeskeem414d ago

Honestly, a world built like Horizon with a Killzone vibe and gameplay might be amazing.

Hugodastrevas414d ago

Killzone 2 will always have a special place in my heart as the best game in the series, Killzone 3 was good too but ShadowFall was kind of a disappointment. It felt clunky, waves and waves of enemies, a narrative that went nowhere and seemed to have pacing issues.

Knushwood Butt414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

SF felt a bit dry and clinical to me. Technology was impressive but I found it hard to stay interested. Preferred 2 and 3, and that PSP spinoff was great too. Never played the first one.

red2tango413d ago

It was a very flawed game. One of the early levels gave you 3 objectives. I zip lined down and completed two objectives, but found that one had to be completed at the top portion and there was no way to get up. After taking so long to complete the other 2 objectives, I was pissed that I would have to restart the level. Just did not enjoy the design of the game. Killzone 2 was incredible and I wish the series continued with that level of story telling and game play. It's a fun universe.

generic-user-name413d ago

I just played that part yesterday, there's a rocky area you're supposed to climb up to reach that objective.

umair_s51413d ago

Loved Killzone 2. They should remaster it. Want to revisit the campaign

SickSinceSix414d ago

Give us a sequel to Killzone: Mercenary already, Sony

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