Nintendo confirms about 160,000 accounts illegally accessed through Nintendo Network IDs

Nintendo has followed up on the situation regarding illegal access to Nintendo Accounts, confirming that about 160,000 accounts have been compromised.

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Hold-The-Door464d ago

Daaaaamn. I wonder if it is the same hackers that breached N4G?

*Checks Switch for "Is this your profile? Hold-the-door.cloobxxx" messages*

ABizzel1464d ago

To be completely honest, I'm actually surprised Nintendo hasn't been a huge target for hacking, their systems don't always have the best security, they use older hardware making it easier to hack / emulate, and their online infrastructure isn't the best.

I never thought about it, but Nintendo is a perfect target for hackers, especially the Switch even more so than the PS360.

Army_of_Darkness464d ago

Once Nintendo releases a new Mario or Zelda game, all will be fixed and forgotten ;-)

464d ago
Army_of_Darkness464d ago

@shaggy erased that moment out of my memory with free magical games and stuff :-D
I doubt Nintendo will do the same... But hey, Maaaaario!

Sophisticated_Chap464d ago

Nintendo hasn't had much in the way of "systems" to worry about. I never like to hear about this kind of stuff though.

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Imalwaysright464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Your username and this article go hand in hand.

Sono421464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

I'm glad to hear this news honestly, I was hacked not once.. but TWICE, one illegitimate sign in was in Russia, the other here in the US, it's crazy because I had crazy secure passwords and was really concerned my phone was tapped into or something (that's where I changed my password was on my phone) because I was confused how they would know it after I just changed it. So while I am glad to hear my phone is fine it is annoying to think that Nintendo could get hacked this easily, I have to wonder if the number is actually even higher if I alone was effected twice.

I will give Nintendo credit though, when a unusual sign in happens they alert you, which is how I knew this even happened, they also have the option to have your profile signed off on all signed in devices, which I did both times.

This sounds like Nintendo is lying to me.. "The breach was from sources outside our service" Well I've only ever signed into my Nintendo account on my Switch, besides when I had to change the password in the email sent to me because I was already breached, so please explain how some source outside your service got my log in info Nintendo... PLEASE do tell.

Neonridr464d ago

2 step verification on anything you have. Hacking that is almost beyond impossible. Honestly, Steam, Nintendo, Twitch, anything should have 2 step to be honest in this day and age.

Sono421463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

@Neon you're right, I should have had 2 step, I mean if there's anything Nintendo is absolutely terrible at is security and online, so put those 2 together and of course something like this would happen. I guess paying for online isn't helping them reduce lag OR beef up security, so what is this money going twords exactly?

Just a shame that instead of admitting fault they are trying to pass blame, i'll ask again, please Nintendo, do tell how some outside source had my log in information when the only thing I've signed my Nintendo account onto is my Switch.. Either Nintendo is giving/selling out our log in information and the people they gave it to/sold it to are the ones who were hacked.. OR Nintendo themselves were hacked. Either way I say Nintendo is at fault.

LucasRuinedChildhood464d ago

I honestly thought that I was the only one getting those. They all seem to be from the older accounts of users that really did used to post on this site 5-10 years ago. "hi! this is your profile? ᴡᴡᴡ.lucasruinedchildhood.cloob"

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SoulWarrior464d ago

It's portable so it's fine.

S2Killinit464d ago

How does that affect the problem?

King_Noctis464d ago

So how is being portable mean it is ok to get hacked?

ocelot07464d ago

I think the user is being sarcastic

Araragifeels 464d ago

The switch itself is fine but the account is not

Tross464d ago

Not if you have it connected to wifi. If it's connected to the internet it's just as hackable as any other device connected to the internet, whether it's plugged into the wall or not.

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Ricegum464d ago

Hacking is done best on Switch, thanks to its portability.

TheRealTedCruz464d ago

Your hate on not Sony is done best, because bias.

mamotte464d ago

You spelled Playstation Vita wrong

Neonridr464d ago

hacking on the go beats being stuck at home.. *shrug*

Sono421463d ago

Isn't everyone stuck at home now?... *shrug*

Neonridr463d ago

@Sono421 - it was a joke my man..

Futureshark464d ago

I would bet most of them are from China, regarding the 'Free Hong Kong' use of Animal Crossing that was going on before the game was banned there.

S2Killinit464d ago

Not sure, but wouldn’t put it past that government.

OMGitzThatGuy464d ago

Majority I have seen, including mine, were accessed from Russia.

464d ago
Segata464d ago

When they got into mine it said from Russia. I changed my password and turned on 2 step.

Bladesfist464d ago

It happened to me, my password was a random string of 21 characters and I changed it to another random string and the attacker got in again.

jaymacx464d ago

How did you know they got you?

Bladesfist464d ago

I got a recent login from a new device email to say someone had logged in from Russia, both times.

jaymacx464d ago

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

Ilovetheps5464d ago

At that point, I'd be curious if they are in your email as well or something. Either way, I would set up the 2-factor authentication for your account.

Bladesfist464d ago

Yer I was worried my machine or something was compromised but nothing else has been affected and more people in my exact position (random passwords) were complaining on twitter so it looked like a Nintendo security issue to me.

Sono421464d ago

Pretty sure it's a Nintendo security issue. I was also worried that my phone may have been tapped into somehow, but after hearing how widespread this is, it does sound like Nintendo are the ones at fault.

Sono421464d ago

Same! I mean mine wasn't a random string but i was also hacked twice, but only one time was in Russia, the second time was in the US, both times on FireFox though. Maybe the second time they used a VPN to try to trick it into not flagging me?

Neonridr464d ago

2 step. They aren't hacking a text message you get sent to your phone. Unless your passwords consist of 12345 or something like that.

LucasRuinedChildhood464d ago

If you have your card details on your Nintendo A/C, then it might be a good idea to request a card replacement from your bank for security or to at least block certain payments from coming out.

Cobra951464d ago

Has nothing to do with passwords. Apparently, the vulnerability is the Nintendo Network ID, that carried over from previous systems. So Nintendo just shut down all access. You can no longer log in using an NNID.

See this Reddit thread:

Neonridr464d ago

then I would suggest 2 step verification.

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