Weapon Wednesdays: Metal Gear Solid - Glock 18C

The "Glock" family of pistols is pretty well known - even as a kid I recognized the name (and thought it sounded goofy, which I still do). However, goofy name aside, it's an effective and trusted firearm and has been for years, so hit the jump to read all about it!

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Mukiwa3836d ago

Havn't fired an 18C before but the Glock 17 is great fun down on the range.

Oner3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I actually have (a G18C). No words describe how utterly awesome it is and I have shot quite a few different weapons over the years including an M60 & an MP5 (both fully automatic)...they both don't compare to having a fully automatic weapon in 1 hand.

Gaston Glock has made an engineering marvel with his Glock design. Without a doubt it's unquestionably & absolutely reliable, accurate, fast & affordable. I love my G19C as it is the closest thing to a G18C (being the same frame & size model base) that is legal to own.

Oner3836d ago

Woops! After re-reading that again, I should have made clear in my opening sentence that "I actually have (a G18C)" was meant as "I actually have (SHOT a G18C)".

Mukiwa3835d ago

I'd love to fire an M60! The only H&K weapon I've fired before was a scoped G3 that belonged to the father of a mate of mine. He got it off a terrorist he shot in the Rhodesian liberation war.

40cal3836d ago

But I do have the Glock 23 with extended clip and tactical light/infrared. Hence my screen name.


Oner3836d ago

I also have a G23C. I got it at the same time but only use that one for the range some times. You can't go wrong with any Glock.