Hexus: Wii Music review

Hex writes:

"The game modes are a bit of a random bag. Jam mode allows for up to 6 players, 4 human controlled and 2 A.I., to choose a different instrument and either jam along to a set track and then improvise, save , replay and share their videos via WiiConnect 24. Playing alone though is a dull and unrewarding experience, amplified by the fact that you never know whether you've succeeded in playing along to a track correctly - you simply just waggle your Wii Remote to the beats indicated by the living metronomes( known as the be-bops) who guide you along by jumping up and down in time to the music. It's fun in single player for a short period of time as you test out the various instruments, but it's really the multiplayer mode, in which the whole family can come together and create music together, that will almost certainly be the main draw."

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