Mainstream Media Hates Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is taking over our news feeds. Some of the mainstream articles we've come across are tragic to say the least.

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phoenixwing314d ago

Mainstream media doesn't like it because China doesn't like it

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Ricegum314d ago

I always find the media to be actually quite anti-China. I'm from the UK though, where are you from?

xX1NORM1Xx314d ago

media is usually anti anywhere else on the planet in the uk, Not out of patriotism though alot of our mainstream media are just incredibly racist.

phoenixwing314d ago

the american mainstream news system is very pro china

Tross314d ago

And mainstream media is known for its deep philosophical thought and objective reporting of facts? I play games to avoid trash like that.

AK91313d ago

Does it matter? Just support the game and it’ll be fine.