The Ori Games are Too Beautiful to be Difficult: A Discussion About Game Design

Gamespew speaks with a game design lecturer to help uncover why Ori and the Will of the Wisp's difficulty feels so out of place with the rest of the game.

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NecrumOddBoy1013d ago

Ori is beautiful but it also has a ton going on visually that can be pretty distracting, which adds to the difficulty. I don't find it as clean as a game like Hollow Knight which layers contrasting effects to make everything feel clear and concise un its brutal but beautifully grim world.

Master-Tonberry1012d ago

It's also nowhere near as difficult as Hollow Knight. Seriously, Ori is not that hard, especially if you take the time to explore and gain abilities.

SyntheticForm1012d ago

I do think Blind Forest is harder than Will of the Wisps.

Some sections of Blind Forest were quite difficult, but Wisps, not so much.

mandingo1011d ago

Yea i agree blind forest was harder. Although the worm on hard difficulty was brutal

ginsunuva1009d ago

The Midnight Burrows and Sandworm were way harder than anything in Blind Forest

Poopmist1012d ago

It's not really that hard.

jambola1009d ago

"it's not as difficult as you think it is, it's as difficult as I think it is"

P_Bomb1012d ago

Shades of the 8-bit era where good looking cartoony games like TMNT and Battletoads would routinely kick your arse.

1012d ago
Cobra9511011d ago

I remember that era well. Cut my teeth on many a brutal platformer. I'm so glad gaming has evolved far beyond it. I don't understand why anyone wants to bring it back.

porkChop1012d ago

Beautiful games don't have to be easy. Seriously, wtf? Cuphead was also beautiful, and more difficult. The difficulty isn't out of place, that's how the game was meant to be. You just went in expecting something different, and that's on you.

Cobra9511011d ago

They also don't have to exclude all but the most masochistic. Cuphead is a perfect example. The 30s aesthetic looks great, but the gameplay is pure pain. No thanks.

porkChop1011d ago

The thing is though, games don't all have to be for everyone. It's ok for Dark Souls and Sekiro to be difficult. It's ok for Cuphead to be difficult. There are plenty of games that are easier to play and get into.

The difficulty is intended. That vision shouldn't be changed just because someone finds it too hard. Games like Cuphead or Dark Souls aren't impossible, they just require patience and precision. They aren't unfair.

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The story is too old to be commented.