GamesRadar: Street Fighter IV Review

It's by no means an exaggeration to suggest that this is up there with the greatest fighters ever made. It's not in the slightest button-mashy like Soul Calibur, it doesn't require the colossal 20 button commands from the likes of Dead or Alive and instead focuses on what's important – simplicity, strategy and fun. Exactly what you need before you begin to master its hidden intricacies.

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Gue13835d ago

the review is for the arcade version not the console version with the additional characters.

Freakwave0033836d ago

Yes. Great review, and Cammy's finally back. Day 1 buy.

Tacki3836d ago

February 17th for America and I believe it's February 20th for Europe! :)

Tacki3836d ago

Edge also reviewed the Arcade version of this game awhile back and gave it a 9/10. In fact, they also said it could very well be one of the finest fighting games ever made! :)

This is my MAG (Most Anticipated Game) and I'm very pleased to hear that it's mostly praise by those who've had plenty of hands-on experience with the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.