For the King is free at Epic Games Store

Starting today, For the King is free at Epic Games Store. The free game offer runs until April 30 at 10 AM. Once you claim it, it’s yours to keep.

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phoenixwing1130d ago

I bought this on ps4. Didn't play it much but it seemed like it could be good from what i played. Although it has a weird mechanic where each of your people can go in different directions and if they're not close enough to each other they're on their own in a turn based fight.

MeteorPanda1130d ago

it's meant to be tabletop kinda thing. So range distance is kept in mind. I've had a DM own my ass with that in a DnD game lol.

l liked the game unlocking more and more content as you went through each playthrough via loreblook unlocks

phoenixwing1129d ago

ah okay. I guess i haven't played tabletops enough to know

1130d ago