Amazon Slashes Up To 73% Off On Several PlayStation VR Games

Daily Video Game writes: "Amazon is running a bunch of select PlayStation VR games on sale with big discounts right now for PlayStation 4. If you’re looking to pick up new PSVR games, you will be able to save up to 73% off."

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jjb1981354d ago

Anybody that is curious about Blood & Truth should pick it up. You'll totally feel like an action-movie hero.

sampsonon354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Think I'll do that. I am mostly playing Final Assault and Firewall.

Majors354d ago

Totally agree with jjb If you have psvr You NEED Blood and Truth.

ApocalypseShadow354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Don't know why Starblood Arena keeps getting sold. I heard It's no longer playable since last year. It's online only. Including single player. And since online had been removed, it's a coaster for your beer if you buy it. I didn't though. Had it free with Plus but never played it. Now no one can anyway. Should be pulled from shelves.
The developer wanted to update the game with bots but Sony said no.

Same thing could happen to Firewall Zero Hour if it ever loses its base unless it got an offline update.