Why Have Modern Star Trek Games become Stupid Shooters?

To boldly kill where no one has killed before! Thus spoke no episode of Star Trek ever...

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ApocalypseShadow183d ago

Same here. I'd love a more exploration type game. But that's not going to happen. Today is about shooty shooty bang bang. Not that that's bad. But too much isn't good.

Yeah. Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity are my go to games for Trek. I bought them years ago. Now, I emulate them and take them on the go with my phone and tablets. You can't mount a floppy or disc to a phone. Lol. But don't forget Judgement Rites.

And even though Bride Crew is great for putting gamers on the ships, it needed ground missions you could solve mysteries like Final Unity with other players. Also sucks that Ubisoft took away voice control by no longer paying for IBM Watson. It was awesome just saying "Engage" "Punch it" and "Make it so." Oh well.

BlackIceJoe183d ago

Star Trek has a lot of potential for video games. In a perfect world CBS would work with a studio like Larian Studios to make a Star Trek RPG that is like the Knights of The Old Republic games, but deals with exploration too. I also would add a few space SIM elements, so you get to fly the spaceship.

coolbeans183d ago

I'd argue the movie/TV side led the franchise astray. Whether it's Abrams' Bad Robot Productions or CBS, I wouldn't be surprised if those higher-ups would only eye media that felt more like a blockbuster. The solemn, exploratory emphasis is something like a walking-sim/adventure probably wouldn't make it past the concept phase.

Absolutely wasted potential.

morganfell183d ago

Why have new Star Trek Series and Movies become stupid?

Minute Man 721183d ago

The last Star Trek game I played was on the Sega Genesis

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