Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Red Dead Redemption 2

You read that title correctly, we’ve got some big news for you coming from the wild, wild (Pacific North) West. Coming on May 7 to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Red Dead Redemption 2.

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DJStotty1258d ago

Indie games they said... oops

Aquanox1258d ago

And keep in mind it will be available (and upgraded) for Series X. How appealing is that?

umair_s511258d ago

Sweet...wish it comes to ps now as well

Computersaysno1258d ago

Has anyone actually NOT already played this game though?

I mean it's like putting GTA5 on there, nice and all but the vast majority of people that wanted it have bought it and are long done with it.

I'm happy with gamepass, it's great value. This will allow a few people to play the title perhaps they didn't (somehow) get chance to play.

Still better off served with many other games that didn't quite have enormous press attention and sales to let people sample games that they otherwise wouldn't have paid for and tried. That's the true beauty of the service.

timotim1258d ago

I haven't played it. Recently bought the first game on sale and because it was enhanced for X at native 4K, but haven't really yet played it. Never played this one either but was going to buy it on sale too once I saw a good price. Now I don't have to.

KyRo1258d ago

Upgraded or not, it still won't become anything more that a beautiful but overly dull and boring game.

Aquanox1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

The vast majority of Xbox One games will be upgraded to Series X seamlessly. That's what its backwards compatibility is all about... but given the game is already on Game Pass, it would have all sense to have a next gen upgrade very soon for this game.

Christopher1257d ago

***Has anyone actually NOT already played this game though?***

People made these assumptions about GTAV going to Game Pass and then a week later it was revealed to be one of the most purchased games of the year on PS4.

Apparently there are always people looking to play these games.

Sitdown1257d ago


You do realize people are still purchasing consoles right? Which means there are people who probably have not played it.

And then on another note, there are people who might not have been interested, but this gives them the opportunity to become interested.

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Jin_Sakai1258d ago

Awesome. It wouldn’t help me though because I always buy these games day 1.

As for smaller games and indies that I’d likely never played is where Gamepass comes in handy.

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Ri0tSquad1257d ago

Microsoft is doing an amazing job with game pass. How could anyone hate on this?

MadLad1257d ago

It's N4G. When MS does something bad, it's bad. When MS does something good, it's bad.

RangerWalk2671257d ago

Yup. When will some people learn? Uyu

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Vasto1258d ago

Game Pass is the best thing to happen this generation.

It has gotten too good.

Kribwalker1258d ago

it really is. i’ve tried so many different genres i never would have tried had it not been for gamepass.

They really hit this one out of the park and i’m excited to see where it will go next gen

waverider1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Omggggg. Best thing.... Really sad stuff. Anyone that wanted to play this game already did.... Only gamers that dont care about this didnt get it. One of the biggest seller of the gen years ago. The best thing of this are games and never services. Thats why not even 10% Microsoft gamers got it

crazyCoconuts1258d ago

Maybe they can't afford to play these games without the sub? If that's the case I can see Game Pass being very useful. It's especially economical when MS practically gives it away...

TheProfessional1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

You're a joke. If some huge third or first party game came to PS Now you wouldn't be saying oh everyone has already played it. Way to try and spin it. You failed. Get out.

Hyperstrada1258d ago

I haven't play it yet. so I am pleased about it coming to GP.

Kiwi661258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

You do realize that there are always new players out there who haven't played these games yet, oh and Red Dead Redemption 2 released in October 2018 so that makes it from this gen not gens ago like you say

timotim1258d ago

Let the hate flow through you!

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chiefJohn1171257d ago

Muhahaha let the hate flow thru you my child, let it consume you hahahaha!!!! THE SALT! YES THE TASTY SALT 😂😋

itsmebryan1257d ago

Haters are so odd. Where did you get your 10% number from?

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crazyCoconuts1258d ago

VR is the best thing for me. That's changing the way I game, not just changing the way I pay for them

waverider1258d ago

Of course and next gen will be even better. When you got nothing to talk about then services are amazing, like bc Was gamechanger in the middle of the gen and then almost no one Was using it....

MadLad1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )


A lot of people appreciated the lengths MS went to, in terms of backwards compatibility. Just because Sony decided to make "backwards compatibility" nothing more than a handful of PS2 titles at an upconverted 1080p, and PS3 titles you could stream; all hidden behind a paywall, doesn't make that not true.

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Kornholic1258d ago

The best thing? What? Maybe, if you play on Xbox, but that's just sad.

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Kornholic1258d ago

I'm not talking about RDR2, you silly MS shill.

roadkillers1258d ago

Took people 6 months to not see these programs as "the devil" 🤣