Bourne Trilogy on Blu-ray Includes BD-Live 2P Videogame

"All of the supplemental features from the previously released HD DVD will be ported to Blu-ray and, in an unexpected surprise, a few new features have been tacked on. BD-Live will be utilized to access all-new features including a strategy videogame that pits two players against each other in hand-to-hand combat."

Full specs and box art included.

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pwnsause3840d ago

good, everything is according to plan. Almost Every movie that Blu-Ray owners wanted from the HD-DVD side are being updated to have BD-Live/PiP and More.

earwax3840d ago

If it had the true game that would be worth it. BR will never survive unless it goes under $20 bucks

freeblue3840d ago

I buy any good 19.99 blu ray day one. 24.99 if it's a blockbuster. but i will not buy anything over 30 bucks.

pwnsause3840d ago

"If it had the true game that would be worth it. BR will never survive unless it goes under $20 bucks "

If you were around the early Days of the DVD era(which probably not because you are definately a 13 year old kid) you would realize that prices for DVD movies back in the Day were about $25-$30, and DVD players were about $500, guess what the prices are right now for DVD. So of course its going to happen to Blu-Ray after the Holidays.

SL1M DADDY3839d ago

Great points and I do remember those days. Heck, I remember plunking down 900 bucks for my Laser Disc Player. DVD was not cheap when it first arrived and it did just fine despite the nay-sayers then. Now it's BD's turn and those that were too young to know what DVD was 10 years ago are the only ones saying foolish things like "BD will have to drop its price to be competitive". No crap, but all in due time. it's the norm for any new format life cycle.

Diamondwolf3839d ago

I was in my teens and still recording movies on a VHS up until '02 when I finally got my PS2 and my first DVD player in the house.

Even then, the PS2 was one if not the cheapest DVD player back then.

Wait a tic, this all sounds familiar.

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Lucas223840d ago

i cant wait till blu ray gets snatch, fight club, the professional

TruthBTold3840d ago

LOL Snatch is a badass movie, have it on dvd but I would consider it for HD.

BulletToothtony3840d ago

go watch RockNRolla... obviously directed by Guy Ritchey and i thought it would be ok but it was a GREAT GREAT movie.. highly recommend it.. great cast and great story.. awesome movie!!

akaFullMetal3840d ago

great, i always wanted to get these movies, but yea they were hd-dvd exclusive at the time, sweet now i can get my bourne on

TheColbertinator3840d ago

Still hoping for Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray

Wildarmsjecht3840d ago

Could they fit the whole thing on One blu-ray?
Or maybe the uncut version, with all deleted scenes?
...I could have a marathon in my home just watching that. I'd do it. You're invited. cuz u like Valk Chron. And America.

DiabloRising3840d ago

You're going to be waiting a while. Rumor has it that Fellowship will make it in 2009, but the Extended Editions (aka the only one you should buy dammit!) are being held for an uber box set to hit closer to the release of The Hobbit in theatres.

baum3840d ago

I love Wild Arms, LOTR and America (and I'm not even american!)

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freeblue3840d ago

as long all blu ray disc in profile 1.1 i'm fine with it.. i really odn't care about profile 2.0 woo download extra mean inteface, stupid 8 bit graphic games. just max out the video bitrate and put extra HD audios and make it pip.. that's all i want.

pwnsause3840d ago

well its profile 2.0, that means it will be profile 1.1 compliant, unless you are talking about in-movie commentary on a PiP. Im pretty sure this movie has this feature.

freeblue3840d ago

they could've use the resource they put into developing those "games" that no ones will ever going to play and put the resources into creating more subtitles and extra HD audio.

Take a Region A blu ray for example. it's Region A, at least put some chinese, japanese subtitle into the movies considering they're the same region rather than the same old three English, Spanish and French.

They also have enough space to have DTS HD-ma AND LPCM, or just English and the Native lauguage for that movie in DTS MA. what do they do. just one single HD audio format and all those DDs.

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