3 ways to enjoy tabletop Magic: The Gathering from home

Paul Writes: "It’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on tabletop Magic. With local game stores closing their doors for the time being, and social distancing practices in place, getting together to enjoy tabletop Magic seems almost impossible. However, I’m here to tell you that there are still ways to play Magic without actually gathering."

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fitofficial552d ago

Just be aware that MTG Arena pre-determines wins and losses in many cases based on matchmaking and the shuffling algorithm.

hentaicollector551d ago

Be prepared to take words from salty losers with a grain of salt.

DCarnage551d ago

Actually fitofficial tells the truth, it's been proven and the designers have admitted so. Why do you think 13 land mono-red works so well?

fitofficial551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

The devs have admitted to non-random draws. They attempt to give you a "playable hand", meaning they can also give you an unplayable hand when it suits them. Wins and losses are currency in games with leaderboards/rankings, and devs try to keep the currency under control by any means possible... just like Clash Royale.

Also, if you play the game and don't understand that the matchmaker is broken there's either no hope for you or you're still playing with starter decks.