Crytek shoots down rumors about Warhead and sequels in 'Crysis Remastered'

After some measure of confusion about what's included in the upcoming 'Crysis Remastered,' Inverse reached out to Crytek for clarification about the scope of the re-release.

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Sophisticated_Chap515d ago

Crysis Warhead should be part of the package, and since these games probably won't have multiplayer, they should do what Sony did with the Uncharted Collection, and just throw all of them into one bundle. While I like Crysis, I hope that Crytek doesn't think that they're going to be able to pull off CoD4 or MW2 remastered numbers, especially with CoD4 having multiplayer included.

sander9702514d ago

They just need numbers period or they will go bankrupt for the 5th time.

Axonometri515d ago

You can't shoot down a rumor! You think rumors float around in the sky? God what a bunch of retards! *It's a joke.

L7CHAPEL515d ago

lots of rumors wind up being leaked information, that at some point are revealed to be true.

the reveal of this game coming out to begin with started as a rumor,
if you remember that at all?

a lot of rumors get started because someone from a Dev team,
or someone associated or near to the project speaks,
Tim willits made some statements (which have since been deleted) where he used the plural: game(s) in describing what's happening with crysis, in two separate sentences and also in two separate threads.

and here's a side note*
you may not want to use the word "retard" because it's about the most hillbilly ignorant outdated terminology, long deemed unacceptable to describe a disability or condition that is of no fault of the person afflicted with it.

and to put it as kindly as I can, it makes you look like an idiot.

TheRealTedCruz515d ago

Was that meant to be a Trump reference?

XxINFERNUSxX515d ago

Should have just remastered all of them and make a Crysis Remastered Collection.

TheColbertinator515d ago

Precisely. Crytek is going in half-assed.

DarthSocio515d ago

didn't they go broke a while ago? surprised they had the money/staff to even do this remaster

badz149514d ago

nope. they are trying to play it smart. release Crysis remastered now and shoot down any rumors about Warhead or Crysis2&3 remasters for now, and then they will remaster them 1by1 and selling them for the most money possible EACH!

isarai515d ago

I was hoping it would at least also include Warhead seeing as how it's using all the same assets. Oh well, still cool though

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The story is too old to be commented.