GameSpy: Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Review

If you've never dominated the competition as Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl or carved up an opposing defense as Dan Marino in Tecmo Super Bowl, this game is going to look and feel antiquated, with gameplay that hasn't aged particularly well. However, for those who fondly remember tapping the "A" button as fast as they could to avoid tackles, this is an enjoyable title, mainly because of the feelings of nostalgia it will inspire. Sure, GameSpy has grown up, cut their mullets and gotten big-boy jobs, but Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff gives you a chance to relive those days when you and your buddy played Nintendo on your parents' couch.

* Just like the classic football sim
* Simple controls and playbooks
* Plenty of team-customization features

* Too many cut-scenes that interrupt the action
* Gameplay is slow and antiquated
* Stylus just gets in the way

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