Halo: Reach fans spent 10 years trying to land an impossible stunt

A decade to reach an Easter egg outside of the map

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Movefasta1993515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

The last great game bungie made.

roadkillers515d ago

Destiny looked so promising though... never got to try because that’s when I had to adult.. a little

Neonridr515d ago

I strongly disagree, the story in Reach was fantastic in my books.

TK-66515d ago (Edited 515d ago )


The story in Reach isnt good. It's very easy to explain why with one very simple question. Using only the information provided in the game, why should anyone care about the fall of Reach and the main protagonists of the game?

It's a campaign that's filled with generic characters, cookie-cutter dialogue, absolutely 0 tension, and in no way surprises you. At best only the brief moments of its established characters are interesting but all of those moments are important because of the previous games and not because Reach did anything well on it's own.

At most the only thing Reach offers to fans is context for the opening dialogue of combat evolved. This games entire story is for that and nothing more. As an overall package it's a very good game, but its story is objectively bad.

Kabaneri515d ago

Yeah I hope they move on to a new IP because Destiny is a boring grind with the most toxic community ever.

CaptainHenry916515d ago

Halo old trilogies was the best and when Bungie was in their prime.

THC CELL515d ago

Super jump back in the days was great

AK91515d ago

Wow uh congrats I guess.