Meet Britt Baron and Briana White, the voice actors behind Tifa and Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Part One: How the actors behind Tifa and Aerith got into character and gave voices to icons of the industry.

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meka2611523d ago

IMO Tifa's voice actress did a great job, but for me aerith just wasn't there. She had no real inflection in her voice for emotional points. Not spoiling but listen to her speech at end game and it's very monotone. I know she is new to voice acting but I just wasn't feeling it with her.

Babadook7523d ago

I agree with that. A good voice but in real life she has more personality. I think that's just how Aerith was supposed to be though. I like her last speech. Seemed like a wise sage.

djaparatic523d ago

I personally liked them both and Aerith's and Tifa's was exactly how I imagined that they would sound. Very good and professional VO work! Congrats to White and Baron and thanks from the community!