Cheating Worsens In Call Of Duty: Warzone, Crossplay Blamed By Fans

DownSights writes "Cheating in Warzone seems to be getting worse, and many players are blaming crossplay. Meanwhile, as ex-hacker has also shared this thoughts on the situation."

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Rude-ro1248d ago

Yeah it sucks that not only do you have to pay to play free to play games.. but then Microsoft forces you to play crossplay with pc as well.

Hope they get an option to turn it off soon.. and get rid of the pay wall as well.

Angelin1248d ago

By ‘you have to pay’ you mean ps plus? You don’t need it to play warzone

sampsonon1248d ago

No. Read his comment again. He's only talking about Xbox.

spicelicka1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

People are foaming at the mouth with their "I KNEW CROSSPLAY WAS BAD I TOLD YOU" comments but it's not a crossplay issue really, it's just a lack of options.

Give the option to turn off crossplay with PC and separate playlists by controllers, M/KB, and controllers+M/KB. That's the best way.

kayoss1248d ago

If you turn off Crossplay, then why even have crossplay?

xX-oldboy-Xx1248d ago

COD Warzone bombards you on PS4 to enable crossplay - while you're selecting to turn it off, while you're finding a lobby, when you finish a game.

I'm against crossplay 100% - but it is what it is.

Just give players the option who they are crossplaying with.

bradfh1248d ago

crossplay people wanted to play with friends, I have no friends so i dont want Crossplay on

Mr_cheese1247d ago

"It's not a cross play issue"

"give the option to turn off crossplay with PC"

Sounds like a crossplay issue

spicelicka1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


I meant you shouldn't be forced to have crossplay. It was always pitched as an option if you want to play with friends on other platforms. What are you guys talking about? That is not a crossplay issue.

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sampsonon1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Wait a second? MS didn't get the option to turn crossplay with pc off?
PS4 has the option. And my is set to no crossplay.

Hugodastrevas1248d ago

PC is a mess, there should be no crossplay between pc and consoles in the 1st place.

AnubisG1248d ago

That's not whag people said when everyone was demanding cross play.

I truly enjoy this crying now as I warned people that this will happen and everyone called me an idiot. People got what they wanted.

spicelicka1248d ago

Meh I love being able to play with friends on other platforms. You can use a controller on PC and they should force people to use controllers if they wanna crossplay with consoles, it's an input issue not a crossplay issue.

porkChop1248d ago

Here's what I find hilarious. When MS started pushing cross play all the PS fanboys kept going on and on about how Sony had already been doing cross play with PC for years. It was the go to response.

Now suddenly cross play with PC is bad and MS gets the blame even though apparently Sony pushed PC cross play first.

zackeroniii1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

well if we truly analyze your response, then it appears that you believe MS started crossplay first. you are hinting that MS fans wanted the credit for fighting for crossplay.

so since that is basically what you are saying, then Microsoft is truly to blame

so there I give you guys credit for this...

porkChop1248d ago

What are you talking about? I'm not saying MS started cross play. You missed the entire point of what I said. Read my comment again. It's not about who started first, it's about PS fans flip flopping over cross play.

First they didn't care about cross play with Xbox because they already had it for years with PC. But now they don't want cross play with PC. And they're blaming MS for it, even though they had it before MS started pushing for cross play.

twiggytree121248d ago

People brought up PC crossplay because fanboys like you were saying Sony was anti-crossplay, which was hilarious. The part you're leaving out is how many pointed out that crossplay was not a big deal, nor desirable and they didn't want more of it. Quit with your cherry picking bullshit.

porkChop1248d ago

1) I haven't cherry picked anything. I brought up the points that are actually relevant. But sure.

2) The only Xbox product I have is a controller. Meanwhile I've bought every PS system at launch or near launch. I play the majority of my games on PS, and plenty of my favourite games are PS first party. So what exactly am I a fanboy of?

3) I didn't say Sony was "anti-crossplay". They had cross play. They just initially didn't want to support full cross play with all platforms, which I thought was a bad decision.

4) Everything you've said is irrelevant. Sony had PC cross play first. Correct? We all know they did because no one would shut up about it. So if Sony had it first, why is MS getting the blame? Where is the logic in that?

twiggytree121248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

1) You brought up points but withheld critical information as far as what people were actually saying.

2) Moot point. Anyone can sit here and claim to have whatever they want sitting in their house right now. Your behavior is what I base this claim off. Every time I see you comment you're doing your best to put Sony as the bad guy.

3) Sure. Not digging through your history to verify everything you've said on the subject.

4) Everything I said is relevant to contents of your reply to a comment that had NOTHING to do with Sony or MS. Yes, Sony had it first. Nobody is blaming MS for crossplay, in fact, the only complaint i'm seeing is that MS wont let users turn off crossplay. People just want an option, what's wrong with that? Sony lets people turn off crossplay on Call of Duty but MS doesn't. That's the complaint here....

TheColbertinator1248d ago

Crossplay has been an odd subject to both Sony and Microsoft. Crossplay has been on Playstation consoles since Final Fantasy XI so it is not too surprising seeing that on Playstation consoles.

1247d ago
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A-stil_Tv1248d ago

My thought exactly is PC cross play is Pandora's box in the worst of ways ..console players have only really ask for crossplay between ps and xbox.. tbh

Abnor_Mal1248d ago

Regardless to how many people are banned for cheating, over seventy thousand I believe, the cheating will continue.

People can easily create a new account and continue cheating. No amount of moderation will be enough because not everyone reports cheating and mods can not see every complaint.

The only way to combat it is by cutting ties with the PC community.

porkChop1248d ago

They can combat it by banning the MAC address that's hard-coded into your network chip.

Abnor_Mal1248d ago

First let me start by putting my ignorance on Front Street, and state that I have very limited knowledge of computers and all its jargon.

I do not think that Activision would actually go that far, correct me if I'm wrong, but the MAC address is how a particular computer is identified? If so, then if that MAC address is banned that means a person would not be able to even create a new account but would need a new computer to play on?

I ask because if they were to ban people on the MAC address level as I believe how it works, wouldn't that mean they (Activision) would have less people in their PC servers along with the cross play servers?

I don't think Acti would want to do that much damage to their own game as to permanently ban a computer. Rather if I understand correctly banning from the players IP address give the player a chance to make a new account. If the cheaters IP is banned enough times they may decide it is too much effort to keep creating new accounts to cheat and stop and play correctly.

That way Acti keeps a high player base on their servers whether PC or cross play servers (?). Plus they get to boast of high player engagement due to all the new accounts made by the cheaters to continue to cheat.

I maybe totally wrong in my skewed understanding of PC gaming and computers in general, so feel free to correct me if I'm totally of the mark.

Hopefully my ramblings made some sense.

jelloaceomega1248d ago

Pffft MAC address, I guess you never heard of a Linux running a virtual machine of windows or vice versa. 😂

Picture_Dancer1248d ago

Just make requirement to verify your accout with phone number and email. If you cheat both of them is getting banned. It's not than easy to get new phone number.

What is more make a 30-40 min tutorial, that you have to finish.

All those layers would discurage many, many cheaters.

SierraGuy1247d ago

Ya right I can spoof random Mac address' in my sleep.

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porkChop1248d ago

Yeah, you would need a new network chip. But I'm saying for repeat offenders, not for every cheater. And obviously only for the specific game they were cheating in.

Abnor_Mal1248d ago

Yes, we're both talking about repeat offenders and this specific game.

I don't think they would consider banning a person across all their games. Although didn't EA, I think, ban some one for harassing their devs over a Fifa game across the board?

Anyway thanks for the answer back, even though I have no clue what a network chip is, lol.

Sophisticated_Chap1248d ago

Console players always think people who use mouse and keyboard are cheating, so nothing new here. By the way, PC players have been complaining that the auto-aim is so hardcore for people using controllers, that it's almost like using an aim-bot. I've been playing Gears 5 on PC using my Xbox One controller, and I haven't had any issues being up towards the top of the stack every game. As they say, get good!