My Greatest Failing as a Gamer owner Ryan Rigney recounts a humorous tale of failure and disappointment from his youth. What game could possibly cause such damage to a growing lad's ego? Read on to find out.

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MountainMaverick3839d ago

I never even played the original Banjo. Should I?

tinydancer3839d ago

Preferably sooner rather than later. That thing won't hold up forever.

Volvobug3839d ago

Great article. I remember having quite a hard time fighting grunty myself. I think he should DL it off of Xbox Live.

tinydancer3839d ago

If he had to pick between that and Braid? That IS the options he gave himself at the end...

That's actually a pretty tough one.

barakiu3838d ago

you mean right?

So Easy I Can Do It3839d ago

is one of my favorite games, the christmas and 4 season part of the game is just epic.

TheColbertinator3839d ago

Banjo Tooie ruled more though.The FPS multiplayer mode was full of win.

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