Game Trailers' Top 10 of 2007

Game Trailers has put together a video preview of the most anticipated 2007 games for next-gen consoles. The Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2007 video (about 8 min long) includes footage from all of the upcoming games.

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TheMART4902d ago

Nice one. In those 10 it's Halo 3 on place one, Assassins Creed on nr. 2. Bioshock I think I would have placed higher.

That new IP has drawn the attention of so many gamers!

MaximusPrime4902d ago

i for some reasons, disagree with gametrailers top 10.

techie4902d ago

SO what's your top 10 then?

techie4902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

I think it was a pretty good top 10 - quite unbias. Here's mine;

Assassin's Creed
God of War 2
Heavenly Sword
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Army of Two
Killzone 2
Dark Sector

calderra4902d ago

Oh, so you (basically) only care about PS3 games... now it all makes sense. Heh. Personally, I don't care at all about PS3's upcoming titles, so I'd disagree, but that's what opinions are for.

In no particular order: Halo 3, Forza 2, Fable 2, Blue Dragon, Lost Oddyssey, Crackdown, Super Smash Bros Wii, Mass Effect, and... whatever else. I'm out of money at that point.

techie4902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

Yeah the only reason is I don't have an xbox360 to try those games out....but I'm certainly very interested about Bioshock. It looks really cool. I'm too much a fan of Halo3 - but that's cause I don't like shooters that much - hence why killzone is so low down on my list - I'm only interested to see whether its all its cracked up to be...and since I'm going to buying a ps3 and can't afford another console then I'm only excited about games I'll actually be able to play.

Hey and there's no need to deliberatly just put xbox360 games (and one wii) and then be lost to be able to make 10...just saying. Anyway a lot of mine are cross-platform and are the kind of games I like; even Ninja gaiden is an xbox remake - my top 3 are very similar genre wise