DOOM Eternal’s officially released soundtrack is a poorly mixed mess

The DOOM Eternal soundtrack has officially released to owners of the Collector's Edition of the game! It is unfortunately, a complete mess due to composer Mick Gordon barely having any input on how it was mixed.

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-Foxtrot1552d ago

They've seemed to have treat him like shit

Disgusting really since his soundtracks have really captured the essence of Doom, they couldn't even use his songs on the TV Spots, they used that awful rap music.

Gaming1011551d ago

Mick Gordon created one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history, twice.
He evidently messaged someone saying he probably wouldn't work with Bethesda again.
Fucking Bethesda.... oh how I absolutely hate them for this.

Activemessiah1552d ago

This is quite a milestone for Bethesda... releasing a broken soundtrack

Chevalier1552d ago

Yeah they do the opposite of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. They're more like If its broke, don't fix it. Good ol' Bugthesda

Relientk771551d ago

Bethesda releases broken, buggy games

AuraAbjure1551d ago

What games besides fallout 76 were buggy? I played TES: 4 and yeah that game was buggy but it was so ambitious at the time it was to be expected.

Sgt_Slaughter1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

@rock literally every Bethesda game they've ever made is littered with bugs, how are you asking "what games besides Fallout 76 were buggy" ? It's been well documented already and you can Google a mass amount of examples (Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion, Skyrim, 76, etc.). Also a game can be ambitious for its time and not be buggy/broken, that's not an excuse to let it slide.

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Thedirptank11552d ago

No wonder why Mick Gordon's not doing the next doom game soundtrack, Bethesda blames him for their own messups. Bethesda has been pulling quite a lot of crap on Gordon for the past few weeks, and I hope he doesn't leave the team, but it is beat for him to do that. Nobody will ever be as great as Mick gordon was ripping and tearing through those heavy metal soundtracks making them perfect. And now that Bethesda has messed with his work, they blame it all on him. It's sad to see, but it is what Bethesda does best, mess up their perfect games and screw over their crew.

Hungryalpaca1551d ago

I will not be buying the next DOOM so long as Bethesda’s name is attached. Fuck them.

Real shame as I love the 2 new games.

Oh well. I vote with my wallet.

Soy1551d ago

Stupid loudness war compressed garbage.

andron1551d ago

It'll make your ears bleed ehh... Bethesda you bumbling dofuses....

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solideagle58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

where is GOW (original trilogy)?


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XiNatsuDragnel126d ago

Doom absolution and 4 would've been nice

DefenderOfDoom2125d ago

Midway did an excellent job porting DOOM 1 and 2 , just called DOOM, for Playstation in 1995 .

banger88125d ago

This is my favourite version of Doom. It also had the best soundtrack imo. Very ambient and creepy as f***. I never liked the rock music in the PC version, then again I grew up on the PS1 version so maybe I'm biased towards it.

DefenderOfDoom2125d ago

Aubrey Hodges did a awesome job with the music for Playstation DOOM. I really liked the reverb type sound effects when you picked up health and armor in PS DOOM . Did not play PC DOOM until 2006 when it came with the collectors edition of DOOM 3 . I had a lot jump scares from Demons when I played PS DOOM back in 90S and was in my late 20s back then. And remember having nightmares of me being in DOOM , I remember in my nightmares Demons were chasing me and was climbing up ladders running scared from DOOMs Demons. Crazy scary but very fun times!!!