Raven Software Dev Considers Interesting Vehicle Change in Warzone

One shot killed by a car slightly moving? Well, you are not alone because vehicles in Warzone have been proven to be overpowered; change is coming!

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NecrumOddBoy418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

I wish Activision would let Raven would make Singularity 2 already. They are slaves to being back up multiplayer map makers and deserve to make great core games again.

Sunny_D416d ago

Yes I would like a revamped Marvel ultimate allince/X-men legends and Jedi Academy games again. But in this current climate, I think they are happy they can still work.

Skate-AK416d ago

+1 Really liked Singularity

boing1416d ago

Pretty sure this proposed change doesn't fit the general vibe Warzone is going for. There are better ways to nerf vehicles.

Fishy Fingers416d ago

Dev considers.... "Interesting idea".

Serious consideration....

FlyingFoxy416d ago

Why did Raven give Soldier of Fortune to Cauldron.. Damnit

Muzikguy416d ago

I really miss Soldier of Fortune. I really feel like that was my entry game into multiplayer games on PC. So much fun

Kabaneri416d ago

Raven is the best COD dev at the moment.

Muzikguy416d ago

I'm inclined to agree with you. Warzone runs amazing especially when compared to past games. I like the game a lot. Plunder is fun and they're always looking to ban cheaters which is nice

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