Acronym releases Death Stranding themed jacket, made with 'Timefall proof technology'

German techwear manufacturer Acronym has been collaborating with Death Stranding developer Kojima Productions for a few months, and now you can purchase the fruit of that collaboration.

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Xaevi157d ago

Who exactly are these things made for? Why make clothing inspired from games and then sell it at a ludicrous price?

Discobastrd157d ago

Exactly. Love Acronym and what they make but don't have that kind of disposable... They did a colab with Nike on their prestos a few times. The ones that came out in 2016 for £150 we're going for £700 resell at one point. I was lucky and got two pairs. They did another colab on the same shoe a few years later but wasn't as popular

Xaevi157d ago

Well damn, seems there's people willing to pay over 1000$ for a Death Stranding jacket.

L7CHAPEL157d ago

I'll take one (without the vomit bag baby pouch) please...

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Redrex7000157d ago

if there really was time fall
we would all look old as FUCK!!

157d ago