Briana White Changed Aerith for the Better

The FFVII Remake is fantastic in part because of Briana White's fresh take on Aerith.

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oricon164d ago

her voice acting sucked made her unlikable compared to her original VA in the jp version

Kaedro164d ago

My God you are so wrong. She did amazing.

Redrex7000163d ago

i agree with u
but how the Oricon response wrong?

AnotherGamer163d ago

Did we play the same game? Her performance is great!

Abriael164d ago

Please. She isn't even in the same galaxy as Maaya Sakamoto.

Battlestar23164d ago

Your right Briana White is in a whole better league then Maaya Sakamoto who is overrated.

Abriael164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

You likely don't even know who Maaya Sakamoto is. She's literally a legend. It must be so sad to be unable to appreciate a voice acting performance just because you don't speak the same language.

Casepb163d ago

Meh I don't think it's sad. I've always hated Japanese voices in anything, I could never tell them apart honestly. All the females sound like shrieking harpies that make my ears bleed lol. I'm being dramatic of course but still, English FTW!

Elda163d ago

Agreed. I hate all that moaning & heavy breathing in their voices almost every time they

TheGamez100163d ago

Always thought the same too when I wasn't a huge anime fan. Once I was though, jp voices are leagues beyond any other language imo. The delivery from most jp VAs are just so amazing and you can really tell how much effort they put into them. Watch emotional scenes in anime and compare to the dubs if there exists one. Rezero death scenes, and When Supernatural Battles become Common Place - I don't understand scene for example among the thousands others out there. Video games included, xenoblade chronicles for example.

But to each their own, there'll always be those that prefer either dub or sub.

That hate on jp voices was unnecessary, I mean come on.

Tross163d ago

Or perhaps you are unable to appreciate English voice acting due to being a hipster purist? Besides, I'd say Maaya Sakamoto is a poor man's Asami Imai. That the former has been in more stuff lately doesn't change my mind on the matter.

Tross163d ago

@the disagrees It saddens me that those who claim to be enthusiasts of Japanese voice acting are unfamiliar with quintessential games like the Corpse Party series (some of the greatest voice acting I've ever heard in any language), and Stein's Gate (also excellent). It's not too late to remedy that.

In any case, the point is, it's possible to not have a language bias when it comes to voice acting, and maybe some people just happen to prefer an English voice actor to a Japanese one. Don't lecture people about being closed-minded if you are as well.

franwex164d ago

I was more impressed with Tifa and Cloud’s voice work. I feel that Arieth’s fits a smart princess Peach. But, she does do a really good job.

rainslacker164d ago

Jessie is my favorite so far.

Teflon02163d ago

Jessie was definitely the best female Voice wise. Hers was just 100% spot on

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Silly gameAr163d ago

Curse the twitch kid that made that word popular for kids that want to think they're cool.

specialguest163d ago

Yes simp, as in only simpletons use the word simp, because they think it makes them appear cool. If anything, it exposes them as sheeps lol

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The story is too old to be commented.