Doom Reborn, Doom 1 & 2 Remakes in id Tech 4, Pre-Beta Version 1.65 available for download

Modder 'gamehacker' has released a new pre-beta version of Doom Reborn. Doom Reborn is a total conversion of the original Doom Series, aiming to remake the original Doom & Doom 2 in the id Tech 4 Engine.

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117d ago
blitzburns4117d ago

It looks really cool gameplay wise and texture wise, but it NEEDS more gore if this reimagining is to be successful.

winter_hill117d ago

It's open source so there is nothing wrong with this.

Tsar4ever01117d ago

Psst, Man don't know why I was thinking of seeing DOOM Reborn levels being made in the 'DOOM 2016' level editor and stuff. I couldn't keep watching that vid anymore.