Microsoft's New RROD Dramas

Do you have your documentation ready. The RROD issues is about to become all the more real for many Xbox customers as the warranty system moves into a new era. Gameplayer reports.

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Sucks2BU3834d ago

This line from the article makes me feel just fine about my Xbox 360

"but you cannot deny that is has delivered bagazillions… possibly even trizamillions… of hours of wicked entertainment to gamers across the globe."

pretty much sums it up for me. Not trying to be naive to the RROD which I think is a massive blight on the console. I just like the games.

blackbeld3834d ago

oh well..... I got many good games on my PS3 and free online so who cares..

GiantEnemyCrab3834d ago

Is that what its come down to you poor $ony fishheads is just name calling?

Been a rough day huh? You keep on waiting while I go enjoy some new!

Bill Gates3834d ago


morganfell3834d ago

Don't forget blackbeld, there are more smart people gaming on PSN than xbl.

morganfell3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Yeah, Sony fans are making this crap up. We don't have to. We have 360 fans posting about it. This is just one example.

Whoops, another example.

PoSTedUP3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

aw i feel bad.... XD

M3 Superhero3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

happy almost b-day for the Xbox 360 day 1 customers! good luck as u will lose ur warranty very soon. = P

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air13834d ago

lol. rrod news is hitting hard after nxe. i guess im the lucky few with no problems? i got gears 2 on my hdd and works fine. netflix is awesome, nxe is just great and problem free for me anyway.

i wonder how many sony fanatics go out there way to act like they have a 360 and say nxe just messed everything up. i wouldnt be surprised if 90% of complaints are a fake.

RAF-TECH3834d ago

that's a new one..
lol... i'm really gonna give you a bubbble for that.. actually made me laugh

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