Infinity Ward: Call of Duty Warzone Performance "Is Perfect, Flawless" Even With Upsurge of People

With millions of players logging in to play COD Warzone, has this affected the Warzone performance at all? Apparently not -- according to Infinity Ward.

Jin_Sakai1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

It’s too bad you can’t say the same about the cheating introduced by CrossPlay thanks to PC.

CrossPlay should only be available between consoles.

franwex1261d ago

Oh here we go. It’s not happening bro. Let it go.

L7CHAPEL1260d ago

Just like cross-play wasn't going to happen... until it did.
Amazing things happen when the people speak.

franwex1260d ago


Except it didn’t happen retroactively. Previous games that were not cross play are not suddenly cross play (maybe Fortnite).

This game is design with Cross Play in mind, so no. They won’t disable it (probably). Going forward future COD may not include cross play. But I see cross play being more a positive than a negative.

AnubisG1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

And when I kept talking about this when cross-play was fist announced, I was the a*hole.

People wanted this. Now eat it!

xenz1261d ago

Just turn it off then. Problem solved

Jin_Sakai1261d ago

You can’t turn it off on Xbox One and if you turn it off on PS4 they harass you non stop to re enable it.

So no, the problem isn’t solved.

Nitrowolf21260d ago

I didn't know xbox didn't let you, but yeah on PS4 it's just nonstop bugging you

TheHan1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

@Jin_Sakai I agree leave PC out of Cross play. Only allow console players to play each other. Xbox has the option to turn off cross play but you may not be able to play Warzone cause of Activision. You just have to go into your in game settings to turn cross play off. Xbox even said the only way they would allow cross play is if their is a option to turn cross play off if players choose to want to. Xbox knew this would happen.

AnubisG1260d ago

Did they? MS was the loudest in pushing cross play and kept on harrasing Sony about it every chance they got. MS really wanted cross play.

UltraNova1260d ago

If they were.so ahead why did they not know Xbox gamers would like the option to turn off crossplay with PC or enable it only with PS4?

Don't eat everything they throw your way, wake up already.

porkChop1260d ago

I've played plenty of matches and haven't seen a single cheater. And I'm on PC. Obviously there are cheaters, but it's not nearly as widespread as people are claiming.

And the notion that if cross play didn't exist there wouldn't be cheaters, is absolutely ridiculous. There are and always have been cheaters on console. The problem would still be there without cross play.

Kornholic1260d ago

PC gamers are always in denial about cheating. PC has a cheater problem whether you admit it or not. Consoles do not have a cheater problem.

Muzikguy1260d ago

I've seen quite a few cheaters

porkChop1260d ago

I'm not saying there aren't cheaters. I'm saying it's not practically every match like plenty have been insinuating. If it was I would have come across at least one by now.

Hungryalpaca1259d ago


Amazing. Everything you just said was wrong.

Consoles DO have cheaters. We’re you born yesterday?

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CertifiedGamer1260d ago

Hackers have already figured out how to get into consoles. Today I ended up turning off cross play and jumped in a game where a player called 3 jets and one helicopters and finally the kill cam at the end showed he was using an aim bot. I am kind of disappointed with this game.

windblowsagain1260d ago

No just ban anyone caught.

Can't stand cheaters. Scum.

Hungryalpaca1259d ago

They should be working on better anti cheat measures if they want crossplay but it’s Activision so they won’t bother.

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franwex1261d ago

Performance for me has been ok. Here and there I see hiccups, but considering that there’s like 100 players roaming around in different platforms-I say it is pretty good.

excaliburps1261d ago

On PS4, very bad for me. I haven't played a match without horrible lag and data spikes. Ugh.

execution171261d ago

I seem to lag more often when I have crossplay disabled but I tend to come across people with aim bots or wall hacks so its lose lose either way for me

excaliburps1261d ago

@execution17: Same here. Warzone lags for me like no other though. I don't experience it in Modern Warfare itself but Warzone/ Daaang. Packet loss (sometimes 30 percent) and lag.

BenRC011261d ago

Ps4 here and no issues. Nothing that isnt in n every other online fps

Muzikguy1260d ago

Considering how bad some of the past COD games have been, Warzone does run very well. It only took how many entries to get there? The cross play thing does need tweaking though. It shouldn't harass you and take extra long (on purpose I'm sure) to find matches.

quenomamen1261d ago

Thanx to all “We want Croossplay cry babies” now hackers are effin up console gameplay

excaliburps1261d ago

Wanting crossplay shouldn't be an issue as all games should have it moving forward. That said, it's going to be a big hurdle to stop cheaters. Same reason why I prefer MP gaming on consoles.

Jin_Sakai1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

We didn’t have this problem before CrossPlay was enabled with PC players. That’s the problem and it needs to be only between consoles. Period.

RememberThe3571260d ago

PC will never stop cheaters. Ever.