Call Of Duty - Warzone Gurus Wanted To Coach Players

If you've got what it takes to escape the Gulag and survive the battlefield, you're up for this job.

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franwex117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Wait what?? Seriously?
Been winning for free all this time? Hehe.

The trick to wining? If in a party: Communication with squad. Even if you cannot speak directly one can still use markers. Mark enemy locations, mark where you are heading and complete objectives for money. Stay close to each other and revive, don’t throw away your life needlessly (like finishing off an enemy if one is surrounded). Get out of harms way if airstrikes are called. Be more patient and smart in combat-it’s not death match.
That’s pretty much it. I’m sure there are YouTube videos from actual pros that one can watch for tips, rather than paying someone.

IndieWatch117d ago

It looks like you have what it takes! Are you applying? :-)

franwex117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Can’t. I actually have to work during the lockdown. Real work. Heh.