Currently Only 20 Games Scheduled for the Wii in 07

The Wii consoles might be sailing off of store shelves, but the software is barely there. The updated "confirmed software list" from Gamestop/EB games has only twenty games that are currently scheduled for release in 2007.

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FFVIIFan5727d ago

Nintendo has always had trouble getting third party support, but I really thought the inovation of the Wii would attract third party developers. I'm really hoping the Wii can get some support.

Blu-Print5727d ago

I mean the way they're selling is like fish bait to developers. My other post has Godzilla coming to the Wii. Check out IGN's list>

FFVIIFan5727d ago

I was just surprised that there was only 20 at the moment. I guess even developers didn't see the Wii selling as well as it did.

gogators5726d ago

the Wii is too much of a gimick, but if it sell at it's current rate then I can only imagine developers lining more products up. I would expect EA to have 20 titles alone coming out for the Wii. I wonder what genre of games would sell well on the systems.

calderra5726d ago

It's time for the Wii to prove its worth.
As feared, it's shaping up to be a gimmicky party console with basically Nintendo-only support. And the Wiimote, while cool, isn't flexible enough to meet the demands of multiplatform games. See also: Zelda for Gamecube getting equal or better reviews compared to the Wii version. Even Nintendo can't do much to convince people that Wii can compete.

And yes, I own a Wii. And since I'm not a 3d Zelda fan (give me Link to the Past, please) all I'm playing is Wii Sports, maybe some WarioWare, a bit of Rayman... and until Super Smash Bros releases, that's about all I'll be playing. Insert yawn.

It'd be nice to see Wii pull through, but there are well-founded doubts at this point.

techie5726d ago

The point is the Wii was not expected to be a hit - and so this year there won't have been that many developers working on it. But I expect there to be lots more working on it this year, meaning games in 2008 and 2009 will be abundent.

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