Call of Duty: Warzone console players are turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters

Eurogamer: Cheating is an increasing issue for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare across both traditional multiplayer and Warzone, but it feels pronounced in the battle royale mode.

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NewMonday1251d ago

Crossplay is a bad idea that only got promoted as trolling tool in console wars.

Fishy Fingers1251d ago

Its great, my mates across PC and consoles can all play together, finally. Whats bad about that?

Having poor anti-cheat in an online game is a bad idea.

Amplitude1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

yeah its also the only FPS game that lets me play online with way better graphics on PC with a controller and not match with sweaty mouse and keyboard dudes lol

CoD Mobile does the same thing separating players by whether theyre mouse and keyboard, controller, or touch. Activision is really ahead of the game with their crossplay tbh. Im sure they probably exist but I cant think of a single other game that does this

GTgamer1251d ago

I just wanna know why the hell they keep insisting I turn on cross play after turning it off, why have the option if your gonna force it 🙄.

zackeroniii1251d ago

pc players are toxic and are in general a bad idea cheating runs rampant in the pc master race

UltraNova1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Until companies who wish to release games on PC and want crossplay in their games can find a permanent solution against hackers, crossplay should be cross-console only. If they can't then so be it.

sinspirit1251d ago

That's the issue with CoD. It uses such an old engine. Cheaters even appear day one

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kryteris1251d ago

If match making is at all accurate in skill gap, id say who cares. It is not.

kparks1251d ago

Then if you turn it off they hound you too turn it back on every game, it's like I went in the settings and did this it's no accident it's off leave me alone. Including PC players in the cross play selection was a stupid idea to begin with not only do they have a advantage they can't stop cheating let Xbox and PS play together and the PC master race can play by themselves! All they do is ruin everyone else's fun.

SegaGamer1250d ago


"pc players are toxic"

Yeah, because console players are really so different aren't they? This site is mostly dominated by console gamers and it's really toxic at times. There are toxic players no matter what platform people choose to play their games on.

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Abnor_Mal1251d ago

I remember many saying that crossplay would revive dead lobbies of multiplatform multiplayer games, most likely for their platform which doesn't have many users as it were.

I've not heard anything since about any game having a continued increased player base due to this feature. No comments from anyone from websites to N4G commentors that championed for the feature to be implemented.

For N4G the question begs to be asked, if you don't like a particular console for whatever contrived reason, why would you want to play with the playerbase you deem toxic?

Finally, there's crossplay with PC which just highlights the reason why crossplay is not such a great idea with its rampant cheating.

I was against crossplay from the beginning and now having a good chuckle at its inevitable outcome.

monkey6021251d ago

Only a few days ago World War Z got a lot of praise for adding crossplay

UltraNova1251d ago

Beware of what you wish for...

Software_Lover1251d ago

It’s not that deep. Crossplay is good. Cheaters screw it up. End of story.

GamesAsAService1251d ago

Crossplay lobbies generally detect input and match accordingly. I would assume that this will be the standard. The ability to opt out of crossplay is becoming an option as well so I don't see this becoming and issue.

Additionally I am not sure if you are being purposely dishonest or just ignorant to the main reason why crossplay is appealing.

I want to play with my friends regardless of the platform. This is smart. This makes sense. Crossplay is the future. Get with the program.

Abnor_Mal1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

@GamesAsAService although I did neglect to say in the above comment I do believe that there should be a choice to turn cross play on or off for those that do not want to use the feature. That has been my belief from the very beginning, it is good that for this game, Warzone, Sony gave the choice whereas Microsoft did not from what I read on N4G.

My bad I left that part out, but no one should be forced to play a feature they don't want to use. That's like PS and XB bout making it mandatory that to use your system for any reason you MUST have Plus or Live. I don't think too many people would be happy not having a choice and be forced to subscribe to a service they never wanted.

I know that people would like to play with their friends on different platforms which is fine, but many do not want to be forced into cross play because some like the ability to do so. Choice matters, no one likes their right to choose be taken away and told to get to with the program.

I am more against not having a choice more than I am against cross play itself, and have stated that from the beginning of console cross play. PC cross play speaks for itself why that's not the best of ideas in many genres besides FPSs.

L7CHAPEL1251d ago

WWZ is a co-op game, Crossplay can be great for Co-Op play,
keeps you from sitting in a dead lobby.
some games seem to be more susceptible to competitive cheating, and even with tons of safeguards the PC crowd is really adept at being able to circumvent anticheat measures.
and there again, are certain games all cheaters just flock to and call of duty is definitely #1/#2 on the list

xX-oldboy-Xx1251d ago

Abnor_Mal - spot on, cross-play is not needed. It facilitates cheating on all platforms now, not just PC.

A good game doesn't need their player based padded out on PS5 or PC.

It seems to only benefit a certain company that hasn't sold close to the 200 million consoles they projected they would.

My main gripe is with cheating PC gamers, if console games are crossplay - I can live with that.

Just hate cheating PC gamers.

P_Bomb1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

This. Crossplay’s great for PvE like DCUO, WWZ, Warframe (even tho’ Warframe doesn’t have it). The problem is PvP.

Personally I’ve never had an issue filling a PvP COD lobby. Certainly never asked to play against cheaters. If they can’t fill a lobby without us, that’s Leeroy Jenkins’ problem. Not mine.

Pickledpepper1251d ago

Cross play is a great feature, unless your a fan boy.
I have some good friends who are on ps4 who i regularly play crossplay games with but i do think crossplay should be console only or the ability to turn of pc crossplay.

Zeref1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Damn you guys are delusional. The gaming community goes way beyond trolling on the internet.

I don't like Playstation or its fanboys but i meet plenty of people and friends who have Playstation who i wouldn't mind playing with.

Do you people not have friends in real life or something?

There is nothing wrong with crossplay between consoles. Absolutely nothing. With PC is a different story. I believe that should be reserved for games where PC doesn't have a big advantage.

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lelo2play1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Activision shouldn't ban players. They should create a few specific servers for cheaters, when each time they enter, the cheaters get redirected to those servers to play with other cheaters... that way, they never get mixed with other players on legit servers.

UltraNova1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

That would be fitting but why spend money on cheater servers when normal people can use them? They should deploy a multi-layered anti-cheat approach - Server stat screening software, IP and hardware perma-ban and law suits. The more hurdles you throw at them the better.

kneon1250d ago

I say let them play with everyone else, but everyone else gets can't-miss aim assist against all cheaters. And cheaters are firing paintballs.

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timotim1251d ago

A bad idea is gamers that look to cheat in any compacity, not cross-play which looks to bring all gamers together.

One could also argue that cross-play was only opposed by certain gamers due to the console wars.

xX-oldboy-Xx1251d ago

It was also championed by certain gamers due to the console wars, works both ways. Except one fan base got more out of it - which one do you reckon?

Obscure_Observer1250d ago


"It was also championed by certain gamers due to the console wars, works both ways. Except one fan base got more out of it - which one do you reckon?"

I reckon that sad and lonely losers will always try and make something out of nothing. Console gamers are blocking some PC gamers due cheating. Nothing more, nothing less.

Crossplay between consoles is doing great! Thank you.

sampsonon1251d ago

Yeah, MS had empty servers and people cried about it. I can't blame them.

spicelicka1251d ago

? Not at all. And crossplay is total fine, all they need to do is split the matchmaking between controllers and KB/M. You can use controllers on PC.

sampsonon1250d ago

@spicelicka: No disrespect but, WTF does that have to do with the topic at hand? We're talking about cheaters, not KB and Mouse.

frostypants1251d ago

I'm cool with cross-console crossplay, and even crossplay with PCs as long as we're not talking FPS games.

sampsonon1250d ago

I like the fact that console users can set the game to consoles only. I have no trouble with pc players, I've killed a few for sure, but the cheating is what turns me off.