F... You, We've Already got Your Money - 5 things that Nintendo Needs to Stop Saying and Doing.

Iran White writes:

Nintendo has gotten into the habit; regarding the Wii, of saying things (either through word or action) that are so far from the truth it's become insulting. It's gotten to the point that many Wii owners just don't want to hear it anymore. PR is PR, and business is business, but either you do it honestly and respectfully, or you damage your relationship with your customers. We all love Nintendo, but sometimes it's necessary to tell it like it is in order to stop someone you love from crapping on you. Here are the top 5 things that Nintendo needs to stop saying and doing:

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kapedkrusader3837d ago

I got tired of expecting games like Tiger Woods to make total use of the motion controls only to find out that I would have to buy another peripheral for that. I didn't finish Mario or Zelda, because as good as the gameplay was, I'm a graphics whore and couldn't get passed it. I jumped on the Brawl bandwagon, only to realize that I wasn't into that sort of game. I just bought it, cause I ran out of patience, waiting for Nintendo to release something good. In the end, Wii Sports was the only title that I played the most. Golf,specifically. All I really wanted was a game made just like Wii golf, with many courses. The worst part was that when I did the math, I had bought over $700 worth of Wii stuff. It's like crack, the gimmick was that it's fun and "cheap". But in the end it's not worth it. If anyone reading this is on the fence about a Wii, believe me when I tell you that unless you are 6 years old, you'll use it for a few months and thats it. After that, you keep buying new releases and a mess of new peripherals that never add up to the feeling you had when you first played it.

Captain_Sony3837d ago

Got mine in Feb of 07 and use it all the time. Only true next gen console on the market in my opinion. Didnt cost me 700.00 just for a Wii though. Kinda obvious you dont own one and just making that all up in the hopes that someone might believe you.

3837d ago
SlyGuy3837d ago

....only last month did I manage to play it (I put it on while my Burnout Paradise was updating).

I must say...if you can look past the graphics, the game is AWESOME. Some of the stages are very well designed.

Voiceofreason3837d ago

"All I really wanted was a game made just like Wii golf, with many courses" Yet tiger Woods isnt on your list of games... Odd.. I'll have to agree with Captain on this one.. You claim every game sucks yet you bought twilight, hated it, almost a year later bought SMG and hated it.. It is easy to tell your making it up when you just look at what you are saying.. You had it for over 2 years(you claim) hated every game since the first one you bought but kept on buying them? Nobody is that stupid...Tiger Woods already works like Wii sports golf. Any real owner that was looking forward to the game would already know that. Hey if you want to make yourself look stupid just in case someone might buy into your BS feel free, but any real Wii owner will know you are making it up.. Also I notice you didnt buy any Wii 3rd party games like NMH, Boom Blox or other geat games.. ONly the highest rated first party which are complete crap according to you.. Funny how that means every PS3 and 360 game is also complete crap as SMG outscored them all in reviews.

kapedkrusader3836d ago

...I clearly stated that the gameplay was good but being a graphics whore, I stopped playing them. Why would I lie about owning a Wii? Do you realize how stupid you sound? By the way, Wii Golf is WAYYYY more fun than Tiger Woods 08.

Product3836d ago

you should honestly try Tiger Woods 09,i bought it and its almost 1:1.The game is deep to and the online is awesome this year seeing as how everyone can golf at the same time.If you like golf that game is the best version of any golf game i have ever played on any system(i have played Tiger 09 on all consoles btw)

kapedkrusader3836d ago

...I appreciate your recommendation, but like I stated above, I've already sold my Wii.

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ape0073837d ago

wtf nintendo,you have some of the greatest development team in the world

just give them money and an hd to fully demonstrate their true power

the zelda team,mario team and the metroid team(I guess they are so pissed)

ChickeyCantor3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

"the zelda team,mario team and the metroid team(I guess they are so pissed) "

considering that Their games always take years to make, i have no idea how long we would wait if they went HD...

I don't think they would be pissed, when it comes to developement, the design at its core is important(not talking about visuals, rather concept).
Would be nice though seeing them making awesome worlds and such, but i don't think they are "pissed", they are still doing their jobs as they should.

Captain_Sony3837d ago

Clearly written by a fanboy with nothing but hate on their mind..Seriously wtf does Moario and Zelda taking time to make have to do with 3rd parties? When did Nitnendo ever say "F you we have your money."? 50.00 is too much for games? Why arent you crying about paying 60.00. This is someone that clearly wants to take everything out of context and spin spin spin it all he can. Article should be reported and removed for just being complete BS, but I already know that the Sony defense force will never take it down no matter how invalid it is.

TheColbertinator3837d ago

This isn't about the SDF,Captain remind me of someone,a guy named Saint Sony or something like that.

Anyway like I said its interesting that Microsoft,Sony and former Nintendo fans are writing the same anti-Wii FUD all the time.Truly a shame to see many gamers hating Nintendo's new strategy although for me I have felt the strategy refreshing.I don't care for Wii Music or Wii Fit but games like Boom Blox,No More Heroes,and Metroid Prime 3 have satisfied me as a Wii gamer.I am sick of seeing Anti-Wii articles clutter up the Wii section of news instead of news and previews for some upcoming games like Little Kings Story and Fatal Frame IV

ChickeyCantor3837d ago

Yeah, the anti-Wii( any console ) are getting tiresome -_-...
but then again these things are written from an egocentric viewpoint.
And there always will be tons of others.

Captain_Sony3837d ago

My point about the SDF is this article is clearly against the posting policy with everything they make up out of thin air, but because this site is extremely Pro-Sony it will not be removed. It is sad that this site has rules that the mods refuse to follow and everyday N4G becomes even more of a joke and pathetic fanboy site in the eyes of many many other sites and gamers out there. Their bias love for a brand name is destroying what could be a great site for all gamers( Like they claim it is supose to be but isnt).

TheColbertinator3837d ago

@Captain Sony

Well I can't really stop that.This site is pro-Sony but after last year when Wii and 360 dominated the articles,I guess it was only a matter of time before Sony fanboys took over.

From what I can understand about Nintendo fans and why they do not show up here might be because they are just too busy playing games.Many of my lifelong Nintendo hardcore friends are 20-30 years old that are psychologists and business owners who have played games since the days of the NES.They take their spare time for a console like the Wii and enjoy it.There are plenty of Nintendo fans,they just don't come to sites like these because they are too busy living their normal lives and enjoying the Wii and DS to care what goes on in this swamp known as n4g.

Cenobia3837d ago

This has nothing to do with Sony, I don't know why you even brought them up. I don't think anyone that has a PS3 or 360 even cares about the Wii, unless it's there second console. The Wii isn't in direct competition with the other two. They offer completely different things.

To me, it sounds like you're attempting to deflect Nintendo's issues onto Sony fanboys. I'm not saying all the points in this article are very good, or even that true, but Nintendo does have issues. There are a ton of really bad 3rd party games, a ridiculous amount of peripherals, and the holiday season is pretty baron of Wii games compared to the other two. I mean Wii fanboys constantly talk about The Conduit, a game that won't be out for quite a while, when people complain how the Wii isn't for hardcore gamers.

The truth is, Nintendo has changed focus to casual gamers. I'm not saying that is bad though. A lot of people love the Wii and Nintendo is obviously swimming in money because of it. Hardcore gamers are just disappointed with it for a number of reasons. If you're happy with it, then great.

Voiceofreason3837d ago

They have more to talk about then just Conduit. Madworld, NM2, HOTD, Cursed Mountain,Sin and punishment, FFCC, Punch Out, etc.. You seem to think you know a lot about the WIi but it is clear from your posts that you know nothing of value and only what you read from other trolls and fanboys like yourself. It is clear that you only support Sony and only care about Sony and that's why an article that makes up all its points and facts is ok for you.
Clearly you more worried about trashing them based on false claims more than you are about seeing whether or not the complete BS you keep talking about has any merit..

Voiceofreason3836d ago

@Cenobia, I am sorry but claiming that the Wii is not in competition with the PS3/360 is really a dumb thing to say.. You see when Nintendo said it they were referring to power. They were not going to compete to see who could get the highest specs. Wii offers many of the same games as PS3, 360, now I didnt say all so dont go asking for games that you know are not on the system. All 3 are game consoles. Not one of them offers any kind of experience that is completely different from the other two. Maybe it is just me but simply splitting the controller in half is hardly a completely different experience.

Also the guy never said the Wii was perfect. Just because it isnt perfect and has some issues though is no reason to just make up stuff in a lame attempt to get hits for your site.

Cenobia3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I'm just astounded that you're okay with buying that many peripherals, for example. First it was nunchucks and play and charge kits, then the classic controller (maybe even a gamecube one), then the Wii Fit board, and soon Wii motion plus. Sony is guilty of this as well (sixaxis to dualshock), but the Wii is the biggest offender this gen.

And the Wii and PS3/360 do appeal to different markets. They have vastly different images to the regular public whether you like it or not. The Wii has distanced itself from the other consoles by making motion sensing a main feature, and letting graphics take a back seat. If you want Mario/Zelda/WiiSports etc, you get a Wii. If you want games with high end graphics, and a media center, you get one of the other two. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but they offer different things. The Wii offers a VERY different experience.

The Wiimote itself puts a huge distance between the consoles. It's not just cutting it in half, its adding the motion input and IR aiming. Shooters require actual pointing rather than regular analog input, which is a pretty big difference. Also, if you want the more mature titles, you are going to have to get a 360 or PS3. The Wii has mature games, but the selection is smaller. Plus the multiplatform ports don't look nearly as good on the Wii. If you prefer the Wii gameplay (another example of the difference) than that's a choice you make.

I don't argue that there is often an overlap, it's just easier to differentiate the Wii from the other consoles. Think about it. Making a choice between the 360 and PS3 is much harder than making a choice between the PS3 and Wii, or 360 and Wii. The 360 and PS3 have far more similarities, offering a similar experience. I think it makes a lot more sense to own a PS3 (or 360) AND a Wii. You'd get a lot more games that way.

Keep calling me dumb/fanboy though. It really makes you look intelligent. I mean you can barely stay calm long enough to have a real conversation, so who's the real fanboy here. You can disagree without going fudgin crazy about it.

As for your last comment, I don't pretend that any console is perfect. They all have their faults. Also, this isn't my website if that's what you think (if you're talking to me there). I didn't submit this and definitley didn't write it. If I had, I definitley would have mentioned the peripherals.

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man0fsteel3837d ago

Is that they can achieve close to next gen graphics on the Wii with that new game engine they mentioned a while back. I almost choked on my spit when I read that.

Captain_Sony3837d ago

I think you are very confused.. First off Nintendo didnt say anything about any engine they designed. Now you might be talking about HVS, but again you clearly do not comprehend what was said. Your comment is just all wrong anyway.. Wii is a next gen console so all games have next gen graphics.. I think what you are talking about is how people who saw the game in action confused it for a 360 title and HVS promised effects in their games that are common on the 360 and PS3( considered next gen by many) things like Bloom,bump mapping,dpeth of field, better particle effects, etc. Not next gen GRAPHICS, next gen VISUALS. there is a clear difference. Wii cannot do 1080p or even 720p so it can never match the graphics of PS3 360 titles, however it can give next gen effects in games leading to next gen visuals.

man0fsteel3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

calm down.

second off, they said Verbatim (word for word if you don't know what that means)..."close to next gen graphics". Then they gave that little diddy of an explanation that you just gave about what they can do with the wii. I'm well aware of that.

Third - I know nintendo didn't say that - but it was wii related. I don't feel I should have an obligation to be meticulous about my specifics.

No need to be so hyper-sensitive on such a brief comment. People could have percieved my comment one way or another, and could either A) take positive precedence and know what i am talking about or b) choose the route that you took and misconstrue my words and create negative feedback. Thank you very much and have a great day

jtucker783837d ago

And this is coming from a Wii FBoy website...

I've noticed Matt C of IGN is slightly jaded these days too...

Who's next? Nintendoeverything?

TheColbertinator3837d ago

I do remember that Nintendoeverything was skeptical of Nintendo after the E3 conference.To be honest so was I.

I felt perplexed because of that conference that Nintendo's biggest gun was Wii Music even though Disaster:Day of Crisis was re-announced a few weeks later with no hype and flopped in Japan with 20,000 sales.I think Disaster,The Conduit,World of Goo,and Fragile could have kept Nintendo interesting at E3.Hope the next one is better

jtucker783837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Really not interested in Disaster:Day of Crisis. I think it looks a bit crappy TBH. I think it looks like a PS2 reject and if it were on any other console it would be getting no coverage at all. Sorry, that's a bit harsh, but that's just my opinion.

Conduit, on the other hand, looks REALLY good, and I still haven't got round to downloading World of Goo yet. I want to get it and I want those devs to have my money as I think they've earnt it, but there are just too many good games out at the moment.

Cursed Mountain looks like my type of game too - hope that turns out well. This is actually one of my most anticipated Wii titles.

Mad World - can't make my mind up yet. Art style looks fantastic, so does the stylised gore, but I need to read more hands on reports. I'm often sceptical of Sega these days.

E3 was baaaaad. But Nintendo have always kept their cards close to their chests. That will never change. Look at all the 3rd parties that didn't know the motion plus was getting released!

EDIT: And I almost forgot my most anticipated title for the Wii - Monster Hunter. How could I forget that?!

Captain_Sony3837d ago

Craig seems to be the jaded one..He will talk about games being good or great then give them a poor review. His review score never seems to match the review.. AC is AC only better but I dont like AC so I give it a 7.0..He constantly contradicts himself... Oh and like the time he completely trashes the Wii version of Shaun White and promotes the PS3,360 version then the game is released and scores higher on Wii in the review....Makes no sense at all

TheColbertinator3837d ago


Disaster is not for everybody but I actually like that its not for everybody.It diversifies the Wii library and I really wish to check it out.Light gun elements combined with action sequences sounds like the type of game for.

As for Mad World,I have no doubt Platinum Games will deliver a hit with it.I expect AAA reviews across the board for that one.

Cursed Mountain is too early but like I said,variety is a good thing.

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