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Minecraft RTX is providing brand new life to the world of survival gameplay, completely changing how one would adventure and explore environments.

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--Onilink--1550d ago

the lightning and shadows definitely is. It probably only takes a second to notice how different underground exploration would change seeing how different the lightning conditions are using RTX

Sono4211550d ago

I'd be interested to hear what rig he's playing on, because he says he has to give up draw distance for ray tracing, and he is giving up a lot of draw distance...

Aenea1549d ago

Ever seen Boundless? A voxel MMORPG with way better textures and graphics, still blocks, and the lighting is fantastic, no RT at all, runs on not all that fast PC's as well....

Of course they can probably improve upon it with RT and am expecting they will in the near future but for now it is already doing things MC is only doing now with RT....

darthv721550d ago

its pretty crazy... right coconuts?

NeoGamer2321550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I was thinking the same. Minecraft and its 8 bit graphics are not really considered "realistic"

mixelon1550d ago

Nothing whatsoever about Minecraft’s graphics evokes 8 bit anything.

Neonridr1550d ago

we are talking about lighting here. Not its art design.

rainslacker1550d ago

The lighting is better. Realistic is a stretch.

mixelon1550d ago

Realistic lighting in a boxy environment sounds interesting to me. Minecraft is so freaky in VR I can imagine this being ridiculously immersive.

rainslacker1550d ago

The lighting is good. Gives it more character overall. I'm willing to concede the lighting is more realistic to the point it can be given the style of graphics, but realistic in terms of how I think of realism, not so much. It's not like Pixar, where it can show realism despite the art style, but nothing wrong with what they're doing.

--Onilink--1550d ago

Go watch the DF video they made. Realistic is exactly the way to describe everything that is being done with path tracing in this game, its crazy. They even managed to do a camera obscura

Bladesfist1550d ago

It's path tracing with 8 light bounces, that is surely more realistic lighting than any other realtime game we have seen that fakes the effects that just happen naturally with this lighting simulation.

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Gunstar751549d ago

Are you being deliberately obtuse? The realistic part obviously refers to the way light behaves, not the game world.

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Kabaneri1550d ago

Sucks that the Super Duper Graphics Pack ended up being vaporware. It would have breathed a lot of life into this game. Looking forward to Dungeons though.

CobraKai1550d ago

Now if only someone can make the original Tomb Raider with ray tracing. I’m sure Tomb’s triangle boobs will also look insanely realistic

toyzombie1550d ago

Damn... couldn't watch the whole video. Dudes voice got to me.

ChiefofLoliPolice1550d ago

Lol what are you even talking about

Xan7131550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Lmfao it’s not just me then. It’s really irritating it’s as if he’s trying to make his voice sound deeper than it really is but it just grates on your ears and patience. He’s forcing that voice tone, and it’s just going to have him muted or turned off.

He should just speak naturally instead of trying to sound like a 50 year old throat cancer survivor who’s actually 14 and still going through puberty.

Zombieburger6381550d ago

Have had shaders since 2014. Definitely makes the game better.

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