Sony's PSP Falling Farther and Farther Behind

Pocket Gamer has a story up about Sony's recent financial reports and the news looks grim for their tiny, black portable.

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True Gamer5718d ago

After selling over 20 million units worldwide over the course of 2.5 years the PSP needs a replacement.

That's the life cycle of portables, Nintendo makes a new Gameboy or DS every year, so its no wonder PSP sales are going to fall after 2.5 years.

Its time for the long awaited PSP 2.

Blu-Print5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

I think the PSP just needs better pricing. How can a handheld cost more than its major console. Also UMD, which aren't so universal, failed the PSP and now it's left with expensive software. $25 for new movies and $40 for new games isn't at all a good price when you can maybe get the same game for the PS2 at a better quality and a new release DVD for $14-$20. If they do come out with a PSP2, I bet it's still going to be pricey.

DJ5718d ago

It's been priced at $199~250 for a Very long time. Handhelds have differing life cycles from consoles, and I think it's time for Sony to release a slimmer, cheaper, and more updated version of the PSP.

In the October issue of PSM, they stated that Sony is in fact working on a new version that has a manual-load UMD slot (rather than a hatch), 4GB of built-in flash memory, is thinner, and costs significantly less to manufacture.

Where they got that info though is beyond me. Right now Sony's too busy prepping up the European launch, but after that's done it'll definitely be time to revive their little, black handheld. 20 million PSPs vs. 30 million DS's is very impressive. I never expected Sony to actually survive what ended up being Nintendo's market, so those numbers are surprising. They need to time it though with the new FF7 game that's coming out; that'll help a lot.

ALItheWISE5718d ago

Just about 85% of PSP games are watered down versions of PS2 games. The DS is pumping out original titles left and right, and the PS3 should've had a UMD slot on it, that would have been kinda cool. If they had more title like that loco roco and luminous i even thought mercury was pretty good, it would have been alot better, i had both and before i pawned my psp it was collecting lots of dust.......

Contra265718d ago

what if... the BluRay turns out like UMD
and... PS3 turns out like PSP....

ooohhh DS is killin PSP...
and..... Wii is killin PS3

Good thing I got psp.... 1.5 FW!!!!!
Hopefully.... sony makes games that can be used by two or more people at the same time... (only one UMD)

like... AFter Burn... Cool game