Review: 80GB PlayStation 3 a superb gaming console

There's general agreement that Sony stumbled out of the gate with the PlayStation 3.

Months of intense hype were followed by a late launch (fully a year after the Xbox 360) and a staggering $600 price tag for the deluxe model. Even worse, the PS3 didn't initially have any real must-have exclusive titles, and despite the power of its vaunted Cell processor, multiplatform games from third-party developers didn't look appreciably better than the respective titles on the Xbox 360.

Since then, the company's been modifying the PlayStation product line to better fit the competitive market landscape. As of August 2008, a new "bargain" PS3 is available with a larger, 80GB hard drive, and a "deluxe" model is due in November, doubling the capacity to 160GB.

Stryfeno25720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )


Pennywise5720d ago

Yeah cause we all know how PS3 owners love to play last gen games...

Stryfeno25720d ago

Goog for you...But I won't touch a PS3 unless Sony brings back BC and I will bet I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

TheMART5720d ago

@ Pennywise

Indeed, PS3 gamers play last gen games, but in reality those aren't PS2 games. Its the PS3 games that in general give a last gen feeling actually.

By the way, 360 has more great games:

360 126 games on or over 8 out of 10 average

PS3 83 games on or over 8 out of 10 average

Price (overhere in The Netherlands)

360 Arcade: 149 Euro
360 Premium: 199 Euro
PS3: 399 Euro

For half the price of a PS3 or even less it gives more, even the best XBOX 1 games play on the 360 while there is no BC on the PS3 besides the launch model. I still here the PS fanboys cry that the PS3 played all PS2 games and the 360 got only a selection by software emulation. Fun part today is that all 360's with a HDD are able to play XBOX 1 games and the PS3 has a total lack of BC. If you use it or not, its pretty funny to see the 360 does a better job there also.

Kush_Reaper5720d ago

If you really wanted a backwords compatible ps3 you would have gotten one at launch like most of us did. Guess we now know the reason, you coudn't afford it. We know 360 fanbrats are cheap arses who buy cheap hardware.


earwax5720d ago

How many is this now? If you want BC you should have bought the 60gb (I play more PS2 games) or pm me and I will sell you mine after I finish RFOM2 I wont need it

ultimolu5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

You should have waited in line for the PS3 last year then instead of talking sh*t in the first place. Sony removed BC to lower the production costs of the PS3. Would you rather them lose even MORE money if they kept it?


And don't you 360 fanboys have something to do? Like...waiting until your 360 lights up like a Christmas tree full of red? :)

REDZEV5720d ago

It should say, 80GB PlayStation 3 a Underdeveloped Movie console.

dukadork5719d ago

you make me laugh, just go buy a ps3, we'll pretend we haven't heard you spewing that jealous nonsense before you jumped out


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Raoh5720d ago

would you consider the arcade 360 @ $199 a fail?

with no hard drive it too has no backward compatibility and misses out on some online games that require caching. like online portion of burnout paradise.

xg-ei8ht5720d ago

NO BC = good. I didn't own a ps2 so why would i need it, i just bought an 80gb and just like mc.d's i'm loving it.


No bc is not a big deal.I bought my ps3 to play next gen games not last gen games...

kapedkrusader5720d ago

...you can still download all your music from your iPod without the need to install iTunes, which makes it perfect for getting free music from your friends:)

aaquib095720d ago

Not music you purchased from iTunes.

mikeslemonade5720d ago

You can also purchase high-definition Columbia Pictures movies and watch them at your own comfort on the PS3.

Karum5720d ago

I plugged my ipod touch into my PS3 earlier today and it wasn't recognised by the machine :(

Daurelus175720d ago

@ Karum
i had the same prob. with my i phone.

ape0075720d ago


omg,what can I say?

the best,the most relieble game console,has blu-ray,full hd support,amazing free online support

has best games(god3 alone make it 20/10 console)

I mean come on

Tsalagi5720d ago

Highlight your i-pod in the XMB, press triangle, and select "Display all". Everything stored on the device you have plugged in will be accessible then.

Mhassan5720d ago

i agree with what you are saying but now i play majority of my old PS2 games on PS3 and they look surprisingly better to me. However i still don't get it that why people are still screaming about it. Clearly people who bought a PS3 had been playing PS2 before so what's the problem. Its the "Next generation" people. However i admire Sony for still supporting PS2 after the launch of PS3. I mean Microsoft literally choked Xbox when the 360 debuted. But then again a lot of my do complain about BC because they constantly have shift between Ps2 and PS3. Its a bit of a gripe but from business point of View its good for Sony to be as cost effective as possible. I mean nobody would buy a $600 game console especially in these days.

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The Matrix5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

The PS3 really is a remarkable machine. The only doubts people have every had with it is the game selection. That's changing fast.

Lucreto5720d ago

I never had a problem with games. I have 20 games at the moment.

Milky Joe5720d ago

I think I actually have more games this gen than I did for the whole of last gen. And we're only 2 years in.

SaiyanFury5720d ago

Lord knows I have no complaints. I'm an original 60GB owner and while I could survive without the card readers I'm glad to have them anyways. As for the lack of bitstream support in the audio department: the PS3 does support bitstream output. Simply go into the Sound Options and set it. I've known that for a long time.