Italian Software numbers for October , 2008

01 PES 2009 PS3 - 100
02 PES 2009 PS2 - 98,97
03 FIFA 09 PS2 - 46,42
04 FIFA 09 PS3 - 39,57
05 PES 2009 360 - 31,40
06 FIFA 09 360 - 23,28
07 Wii Fit WII - 20,70
08 Mario Kart WII - 12,86
09 Brain Training DS - 9,36
10 Wii Play WII - 9,31
11 FIFA 09 PSP - 9,09
12 La Guida In Cucina DS - 8,08
13 Fable 2 360 - 8,03
14 Saints Row 2 PS3 - 7,12
15 More Brain Training DS - 6,91

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tortella3837d ago

and Playstation products

The single PES on PS3 outsold x360's entire SOftware library by almost 2:1 in October

No wonder Konami supports PS3 so much

chaosatom3837d ago

They could make so much money on RPG on Ps3 in Japan that's its worth going mulitplatform.

JOLLY13837d ago

nasim isn't funny at all!

tortella3837d ago

even at 1/4 the price of ps3 no one wnats it except for some british

Fobuo3837d ago

Italy is Playstation nation

MaximusPrime3837d ago

So is Germany, Spain, France etc etc

tortella3837d ago

PS3 has 85% market share in Middle east

same goes to India , Pakistan, China and other south east asian nations. Anything tagged SONY sels there no matter how expensive products are

Bathyj3837d ago

That little speck of land just outside the United States called "The Rest of the World" is a Playstation Nation.

You think its fun to visit, you should try living here.

aaquib093837d ago

In the middle east, they're stacked. Therefore, they can make smarter decisions about what they buy since money is basically just a number.

duarteq3837d ago

PlayStation Brand has 85 % of the Portuguese Market. Even Mr. Ballmer said that in a recent interview. that's why Microsoft will be opening Microsoft Game Stores in the next months... The last hope for them.


Sarcasm3837d ago

"The Rest of the World"

LOL that made me laugh pretty hard!!! bubble for you

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Fishy Fingers3837d ago

So... like their football.

tortella3837d ago

but on PS3 and Playstation Brand

The Matrix3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Italy is addicted to soccer.

3837d ago
3837d ago
The Matrix3837d ago

What are your guys' problems? I didn't even say anything flaming your precious "football." I bet these guys gave me negative bubbles too, can someone help me out and give positive bubbles. Thank you.

ash_divine3837d ago

wow, didn't realize how serious people get about the whole calling football vs. soccer thing.

@the matrix, I'll gave you a bubble bro.

well, off to go play some socc... I mean football.

Bathyj3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

You'll have to forgive us unenlightened slobs who use the term soccer. Usually its because we have many forms of "Football" in our country and "Soccer" isn't the most popular one.

In Australia we have AFL (Aussie Rules (thats what its called, Australian Rules, although we do rule, just clearing that up)), Rugby League (the best Football), Rugby Union, and Soccer.

Of course none of them are as good as Cricket.

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ultimolu3837d ago

And they say the PS3 doesn't sell software....please.

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