Gaming Age: Tornado Review

Gaming Age writes: "I had remembered seeing some screenshots of Tornado prior to sitting down with a review copy, but I didn't realize how much of the game mirrored, or at least attempted to mirror, Katamari Damacy until I actually played it. It's not quite a complete clone of Namco's popular ball rolling prince sim, but I'd definitely say that the game owes its existence to the popularity of that title.

In Tornado you'll take control of one of six unlockable animal creatures that can use a tornado machine to suck up pieces of Earth that had been stolen by some evil alien guy. There's a little bit of a plot, and most of the characters are unlocked by playing the single player game. Each section you take back is divided into levels, starting with England, moving onto France, and so on. There are little identifiable landmarks associated with each location as well, as a way to let you know where the heck you're at within the game".

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