Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: The Long Dark, Deliver Us The Moon, Gato Roboto, and More

Megan Spurr, Community Manager, Xbox Game Pass: "I know it feels like we were just here, sharing the new games, new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks – that’s not déjà vu (or that none of us understand the passage of time anymore). We’re back because we have even more games!"

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FlavorLav011149d ago

Great, more indie filler for game pass!? Just what it needed more of.... can’t wait for next gen and more of the same

crazyCoconuts1149d ago

Just wait until a game gets added that you want to play and subscribe for a month or two...

monkey6021149d ago

I usually sign off for a few months and get it at a promotional price later with a build up of games I want to try. Then get about 3 months pass for a fraction of the price.

FlavorLav011149d ago

Already tried it out bud, I got 2 Xbox one X on sale, tried out the few games I wanted on GP and now I just use them for the 4K Blu ray player, otherwise I constantly find myself on PS or PC even to play better versions of everything but Ori and Masterchief. Xbox gonna have to show me some heavy hitter new games to justify replacing the OneX I already have for there new launch. Otherwise I’ll wait for a heavy sale on this new one while I’m playing up my exclusives on PS5. Just saying Xbox, I’ve yet to see why I NEED this new console...

Kabaneri1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Gamepass is by far the best games subscription at the moment.

FlavorLav011148d ago

Might be, but not everyone is looking for ANOTHER subscription service, full of a bunch of indies titles. “Service” gaming provide publishers every reason they need to release unfinished products that can always be patched later. Being into campaigns, I like super finished, well optimized games. It’ll be interesting to see what we get from MS 1st party this time around considering they’ll all be included in game pass....good quality games or unfinished GAAS? Hoping for amazing single player games please MS

mandingo1148d ago

We get it flavorlav01 u don’t like Xbox try not to make it so obvious

Ghostbob1148d ago

It depends on the month of what games come out! sometimes it better sometime PS Now is better but it's defiantly not by far the best games subscription that is fanboy talk.

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DJStotty1148d ago


"It’ll be interesting to see what we get from MS 1st party this time around considering they’ll all be included in game pass"

All microsoft 1st party have been on gamepass since around January 2018

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King_Noctis1149d ago

Or how about Gears Tactics which is coming at the end of the month? Or Minecraft Dungeons which is coming very soon?

For $10 per month, you can’t expect them to give you all the newest AAA game every months.

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MadLad1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

I have both, and there's sure as hell a lot of indie filler on PS Now.
Oh, but sometimes they grace you with a 2 year old exclusive.

Like I said, I use and enjoy both. I got a Playstation Pro late this generation, and was able to make use of PS Now; but it's not gamepass. It's hilarious you gloss over the offering of brand new games like Outer Worlds, day one, and recent 1st party titles.

And that's just the beta of the PC version, whereas the Xbox service offers even more.

1149d ago
MadLad1148d ago


You're an exercise in being completely biased.

Software_Lover1149d ago

All devs start somewhere.
My favorite game right now is "A Plagues Tale: Innocence"

I would not have know about it without Gamepass.

ElementX1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

So you never saw any of the dozens of articles/reviews for Plague Tale? N4G was full of them.

Software_Lover1148d ago


Im not on N4G everyday. Sometimes for months at a time.

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PyroMessiah861149d ago

Deliver Us To The Moon looks great. Don't let 'whats popular' rule you. Some great little unknown games out there

coolbeans1148d ago

Personally? I didn't care for Deliver Us The Moon. But I agree with your overall message here.

aconnellan1148d ago

Lol so MS cops flak for having their first party games on Game Pass day 1 - which are AAA games such as Halo, SoT, Forza, Gears, Minecraft, etc - and then they get in trouble for having indie games on there? Make up your mind

MadLad1148d ago

We are mandated to crap on MS around here, no matter what they do. You didn't get the email?

If they offer their exclusives via gamepass, they're just devaluing the worth of their IPs. Oh yeah, and all the IPs are mandated to suck as well.
Also, when you add quality indie and AA content to the library, that means gamepass sucks, and is only throwing out filler content, so gamepass is obviously overpriced garbage.

None of this equates to gamepass being worthwhile, of course. Damn you, MS!

Knushwood Butt1148d ago

You forgot about Bleeding Edge.

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shuvam091148d ago

I've been following the same pattern since it arrived on PC...
3 months gamepass every 6 months...
Seems worth it...

1148d ago
DJStotty1148d ago


Indie filler lmao, you do realise there are around 200+ games on game pass right? (253 as of time of writing - console only, not including PC) (Nier - automata was recently added)

There are plenty of AA, AAA games available out of the 253, a few indie additions is not even a grain of sand on the beach.

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Futureshark1149d ago

These are all [email protected] games, well maybe worth a try for 5 mins as its game pass.

MadLad1149d ago

I spent so much time with the Long Dark. Fantastic game.

Atom6661149d ago

Didn't you see the other comments? You're only allowed to play these games for 5 minutes. Kindly follow the rules, Mr. Cruz.

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timotim1149d ago

Almost pulled the trigger on The Long Dark a couple times! Thanks Game Pass.

Bronxs151149d ago

I’m disappointed by these new additions.

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