FFVII remake rumour returns

Today Final Fantasy VII will celebrate its 10th anniversary. About one week ago the old rumours came back to life again: will there be a Final Fantasy VII remake?

This rumour actually started back in 2000, when people wished for a Final Fantasy VII remake on the PlayStation 2. As we all know, this game has never been released on the PlayStation 2.

Ever since the E3 back in 2005, when Sony finally revealed all the PlayStation 3 details, and they also showed a Final Fantasy VII technical demo for the PlayStation 3. Was this the confirmation of the highly anticipiated Final Fantasy VII remake?

Square Enix never wanted to confirm or deny this rumour so far.

Now the rumours are back again, and Square Enix is expected to announce the title today...

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NoUseMerc5718d ago

If they are making FFVII for PS3 I think we'll hear about it at E3 or TGS this year. If not, then you can expect that it wont ever happen.

FFVIIFan5718d ago

Square-Enix has redone/rereleased Final Fantasy 1-6 in some form to date. VII is the next in line and its just a matter of when. I honestly hope soon.

DJ5718d ago

Would sell like 15~20 million consoles; it would be epic. Square would be insane not to make it...but then again, there's always the risk of screwing SOMETHING up. They pretty much got all the voice actors they need from Advent Children, and considering the FFXIII team was inspired by AC. . .

It's a strong possiblity. The creator said he's definitely considering it, and I know revamping the battle system would do wonders. It should still be materia-based of course, but match the action seen in Advent Children/FFXIII.

I mean, I still remember how shocked everyone was when Squenix showed their real-time FF7 intro on PS3. Fanboys freaked everywhere.

Asuka5718d ago

...i would grab this game in a heart beat if Square Enix ever did do a remake

Antan5718d ago

Im with you on that LLL !

Geohound5717d ago

"A PS3 remake of FF7
Would sell like 15~20 million consoles"


MaximusPrime5718d ago

If Final Fantasy 7 would be released on PS3, PS3 would be outselling the other two consoles. Everybody loves FFVII

Silverwolf5718d ago

a wish become true. FFVII is still my favorite RPG of all time.

Maldread5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

Yeah mine too ;) My only fear is if it will end up like FF7 Dirge of Cerberus. If they are going to make this game they need to take their time, and make good additions to the game. More land to explore would be one. More about Vincent would be cool for me ( if you see my avatar that should explain why i guess hehe ).

If this come true, i would be very excited though, so bring it on, Square-Enix.

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The story is too old to be commented.