PS3 Owners Report Blu-ray Problems After 1.5 Upgrade

An unusually high number of reports of intermittent playback freezes during Blu-ray movies and some games have been posted to Sony's PlayStation 3 forum, as well as to the AVS Forum and other sources, after PS3 owners upgraded to version 1.5 of the system firmware.

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big_tim4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

isn't immune to the firmware upgrade blues. This is very reminiscent of the 360 reports.

bilal4304d ago

these kind of problems are common with such firmware upgrades...hope they fix it soon enough

Maddens Raiders4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Happened to me. I mean the intermittent interruption in BR playback. It doesn't last long, but is a nuisance - usually lasts 5 - 10 seconds. Everything was fine before 1.5. Let's hope the next FWug is right around the corner with a fix 'cause this ain't right. It's to be expected with these silly patches; good thing the game "playback" is A-OK though. whew. =]

Apocalypse Shadow4304d ago

and didn't get the problem.sounds bad,but at least it didn't BRICK systems like some other company does with it's updates.

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