Top 5 Ways to Successfully Defend The NXE

A handy guide for stopping PS3 fanboys in their tracks.

Negative Gamer writes:

"The internet is literally exploding into puppies and kittens today as Microsoft revolutionises everything with its new user interface. But much to the dismay of the happy-go-lucky gamers, there are some nay-sayers who can never be happy."

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HighDefinition3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Just think about the $$$ your paying annually, that`ll give you enough.

PS3- Free Themes, Free Online, Mods Allowed
PC - Free Themes (obviously), Free Online, Mods Allowed
360- Payed Themes, Payed Online, No Mods

You figure it out.

RAF-TECH3833d ago

the layout for the PS3 xmb is pretty boring and flat.

kharma453833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

The XMB is pretty logical though.

solidjun53833d ago

I thought the blades were terrible. The update gets rid of that. The XMB in my view is cool and simple.

INehalemEXI3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I made my own theme with like 9 HD backgrounds of my lady friend and ripped some sick icons off of someone elses theme. The end result was full of win.So the layout of the XMB im seeing is sleek and sexy...

NXE is great IMO. Hopefully they expand upon it in the future which is likely.

HighDefinition3833d ago

Then customize it for FREE.

Apocalypse Shadow3833d ago

simple and to the point left me with almost nothing to say.

free free


NowGen3833d ago

free themes? thats a god dam lie. sony charges for what they call premium themes. so get it right. dont act like psn is immune to the dlc charging problem.

iHEARTboobs3833d ago

There's already two threads on here about NXE bringing issues with it (freezing and RROD) and another regarding slower loading speeds when you install certain games (like Halo 3).

But i guess that's just bad karma for those laughing at Sony when their firmware update was a little glitchy. A little lesson to us all. Just be humble and play your games.

Bnet3433833d ago

You get free themes on Xbox Live and if you do not like, you can set any picture on your PC as the background. Why do you lie? oh wait .. thats right ...

jadenkorri3833d ago

provide some links to these so called paid for themes for psn, like the live ones

elorm93833d ago

There are paid themes on the PSN, just not as much on XBL though

NowGen3833d ago

if you didnt know that psn had themes you had to pay to get, then you must not own a ps3 anyway, so shut up.

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Fobuo3833d ago

Or maybe a desperate attempt at generating traffic through flame-bait,either one works

wardrox3833d ago

Shut up! Don't reveal my secret!

Fine, I'll go back to selling fake Paris Hilton porn films T_T

Raoh3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

the list left out reports that top games like gears and halo 3 actually load longer and have frame rate drops when installed

before i get the disagrees and hate mail

here is the word straight from bungie

Bungie Acknowledges Halo 3 NXE Install Issues

SixZeroFour3833d ago

whether that may be true or not...i wonder why they WOULD leave something like that out of the list

hmmm...could it be because it is a list of ways to SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND the NXE? how could you be defending the NXE if you point that out... *sigh*

Raoh3833d ago

easy.. its something that will be mentioned and brought up. so they need a number 6 to defend that issue.

also add the new reports of RROD after NXE installs followed by 3 year warranties being over for early adopters of the 360.

GiantEnemyCrab3833d ago

I can verify Gears 2 runs better off of HDD. While Halo might have an issue that is the only game that has been verified and MS has said all along that it won't benefit all games.

Stop spreading FUD.

Spike473833d ago

Some article is popping up about NXE causing RROD, some of you may want to try and be the first ones to post to defend NXE, or maybe it's too late. ;)

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