Journey's coming to Steam this June, breaking the game's Epic Exclusivity

Do you plan on playing this PlayStation classic?

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NecrumOddBoy234d ago

As a fan of Flow, Flower, and Journey.. BUY THIS GAME!

Mr Pumblechook233d ago

This headline is clickbait and is an example of what N4G needs to weed out. It says that Journey coming to Steam Is 'breaking the game's Epic exclusivity' but this is incorrect. Steam is not going to be selling it whilst an exclusive contract is still running, by then the exclusivity period will have ended. You can't use words that mean opposite things just to get more clicks.

SamPao233d ago

it is kinda clickbait and overdramatized. but if you would look at exclusivity as some kind of chains that bind the game to one store and steam is the place it can go now once it breaks off of those chains of pc exclusivity, then you can use those words :D

233d ago
Terry_B233d ago

Oh..Journey gets a PC version? Nice

demonseye233d ago

its been on pc for some time now but is exclusive to epic and not steam.

Terry_B233d ago

Thats why I didnt knew it before ^^