System Link is getting more popular

System Link on 360 seems to be more and more implemented compared to the original XBOX games. At this moment, 26% of all games include system link.

It can be a lot of fun when you just want to have an 360 lan party at your house with your closest friends besides playing on Live, or if you want to play online for free. For these games it can be an option with XBConnect or Xlink Kai if you don't want to pay the lousy 5 dollars/euro's a month for all this fun with the original XBOX Live.

riot96194d ago

I tried it with Halo 2 and it didn't work. I think only xbox live works.

PS360PCROCKS6194d ago

Never tried this but I am not a big enough gaming nut to have lan parties

Marriot VP6194d ago

halo 2 system link parties never get old. All nighters, cold pizza, flat pop/soda....

It's a thing of beauty.